Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So I Owe An Explanation and A crazy simmers revival?

I owe you all an explanation for my recent disappearance, I disappear often I know, but I feel I that you need an explanation as to why I have disappeared, but I have never been one to pay my debts so perhaps you should just be content with he fact that I have returned.

I know what your thinking...
"Oh, how mysterious"

Well you are probably actually thinking...
"Okay I'm not really bothered"
"I'm not really fussed that you are back"

Anyway insults aside I have only been away for a month and I'm back now, so what's happening in the Simmerverse, nothing I assume, and that needs to change...
I know it's been attempted several times with great failure, but a post from the mares nest got me all nostalgic...
We should bring back the crazy simmers!
Okay I get why it can't work, most of the crazies have left, and enthusiasm to keep the crazies alive will last only a few days before the will to go on wanes. But the Simmerverse needs to be given a shot in the arm, I mean there are some awesome simmers out there, but nothing as epic as what used to be...
We need to stage a revolution, who is with me?!
I would like to make a motion that we call ourselves the 'brown coats' 
(Congrats if you understood that firefly reference)
In fact I guess the crazies idea is dead and buried now, but something new in the same vein as the crazies would be nice. 

But really if we are to have a fighting chance we need some organisation people!
Anyway I know this will never work, but I am off to the forum, lets hope I can remember my password!

I just realised no one will read this, it's lengthy and there are no pictures :(