Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Alexander Palace Sims 4

- The Alexander Palace -
Available on the gallery under "The Alexander Palace" 
Creator name: "SimRomanoff"

These first pictures are actual images of the real Alexander Palace in the town formerly known as 
Tsarskoye Selo (Tzar's VIllage). The palace was built in 1876 and was the favorite Imperial residence of Tzar Nicholas II. 

Now for the Sims 4 version of 
- The Alexander Palace -

The palace is naturally scaled down to fit in game and has been made single story in order to maintain proportion. The design while altering the layout for practical reasons retains the Corps de logis/Cour d'honneur architecture. The colonnade, perhaps the palace's most iconic feature, has also been recreated. 

The lot contains four bedrooms and single bathroom, which is relatively small however this was done in order to allow room for the ballroom as well as the generous sizing of most rooms in order to avoid pokey little rooms. Ballroom? Why yes I did say ballroom! This house has two grand pianos as well! Excessive? Why yes it is. This lot is exactly what you need if you are seeking to ignite discontent among the subjects of your empire, it says "I have more money than you" in the most elegant way possible. The palace has been furnished in a neoclassical style which is entirely suited to the structure. anyway I waffle on so check it out below and don't forget, you can download it on the gallery: "The Alexander Palace" by "SimRomanoff"

Warning: Put up a boundary fence in case of Bolsheviks [It's a joke]. 

- Exterior -
This picture below is my favorite!

- Reception Room -

- One of the bedrooms each one individually decorated- 

- Kitchen- 

- Dining Room -

- Bathroom -


- Sitting Room -

- Ballroom -

- Passageway -

- Study-

- Layout -

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rose's Titanic Dress (Sims 4 CC)

Rose's Titanic Dress 
-Sims 4 CC-

This elegant dress is taken from the epic film Titanic. This iconic dress was worn by the leading lady Rose during her famous suicide attempt on the stern of Titanic. 
This is non default replacement and is accessible as a swatch of the Maxi dress.
I hope you like it! Hoping to do more in the future from the film.

Monday, September 8, 2014

My New Header (Sims 4 Update)

Hey Look Shiny!
I've gone and updated my header with a Sims 4 pic, still the same concept and layout (i.e. the blog name amid an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party against a damask background). But do you like it?

I do think the old one was better for several reasons but it was old all the same. Its a little less detailed and perhaps the Alice theme is less noticeable? Not sure, but anyway it will do nicely. Here is the old one for comparison.

Oh and also before that a little note of self congratulations. I got my first Sims 4 CC post on My Sims 4 Blog, Woot!, its like the good old days. (I may just hang around, who knows? who even cares? haha)

Anyway on with the show...

Th-th-tha-tha-tha-tha-that's all, folks!

My First Build in Sims 4

I've always loved building in Sims. Its a great creative outlet, or rather it was. I find the new build mode so restrictive and limiting but I know many would disagree however for me I prefer the Sims 3 Style of building. I do think the builds in Sims 4 are prettier though, like they have a distinct look which I like. 

The build is relatively small (relative to builds from The Sims 3 at least). Its quite ordinary and traditional but I loved making the garden more than anything which was an unexpected surprise.
Anyway here are the pics!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sims 4 Big Glasses - Default Replacement By SR (Higher Bridge)

Big Glasses (Default Replacement) for 
The Sims 4 By SR

I'm so excited to share my first cc for The Sims 4!

Note: This is not a recolor but an actual mesh edit and it is default replacement. Its the Big Glasses which I love but I felt the bridge needed to be higher (seemed kinda odd right in the middle) and also minor edits to the shape (squaring the top corners a bit more). 
You can see the comparison below:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sims 4 Piracy Mosaic! (And its already fixed!)

So I was reading over at PC Gamer about this built in anti-piracy suprise in which the game screen becomes a complete pixilated mosaic (simillar to the nudity mosaic but applied to the whole screen) making the game unplayable. This was made so as to ruin the game for pirated copies.

Apparently people complained about the 'bug' on the forum exposing that they had an illegal copy. No doubt many laughs were had, and tears too.

But not to be done out of a deal the pirates have already solved this with a patch of their own.
All that hard work on EA's part to get a stab at pirates and its undone in one day. It makes me sad that EA actually spent time doing that and yet the game is missing so many previous features.

Lesson for EA: Your game will get pirated. Any attempt to punish pirates will probably be unsuccessful. So instead of spending time punishing pirates, spend your time rewarding fans, eh?

I can't find the quote but one blog noted that those who got the sour deal here are really those who paid for the game. Preach.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day One Patch

Despite the game not being available in my country until tomorrow I'm already reading about glitches and even a day one launch patch fix.

I laugh at you indignantly EA.
Indignant yes, but still I laugh.