Friday, September 23, 2011

EA's Response To The "Enthusiasm" Surrounding The Pets Demo

Breakdown of EA's Response

"We appreciate your enthusiasm"
In my country we call it criticism.

"a few of you" and "some of your store content"
Hmm, I'd say a large majority and as I hear it, all the content (and save files) go missing.

"we have been working diligently"
And I am a purple flying elephant.

"appearing uninstalled"
Funny, again as I hear it, the content actually is uninstalled, are you implying it's some kind of illusion?

"follow these steps each time"
Well that sounds fun, the demo is a bit of a "Da Vinci Code" with all these steps isn't it?

"If YOU have deleted your downloads"
I put the 'YOU' in capitals to emphasize the fact that they are blaming the user, I understand that step applies if the user did actually delete their content, but in this case it was EA's fault that the content was uninstalled, so the user may have deleted them, but it has been said in such a way that makes it sound like it was their fault, that they shouldn't have deleted them
 (Which ,once installed, it was perfectly fine to do) .

"free of charge"
I suppose it makes sense to clarify that, but it sounds almost like they make it seem as if it a favor on their part that you can download what you already paid for.

"apologies for any inconvenience"
I detect 'Couriervaughan' levels of sincerity

", so please, keep it coming"
If you really appreciated it you wouldn't lock the thread where we can tell you direct to your avatar our "feedback" but seen as you said please I decided to blog it instead.


Grr PETS!...EA this is getting annoying.

Origin Pets Demo Debacle

So right on the back of my misadventure with the pets demo, I take a trip to the ol' forum.
Now I click the login button, then what happens, one expects to be directed to a login page.

Well If that was your guess then you were wrong, rather I get directed to Origin, Pets Demo Download, I kid you not, I clicked "login" most definitely, not the ad on the opposite side, but "login" and it took me to Origin.

I figure it must be linked with the ad on the other side because they link to the exact same place.

Has anyone else had this happen, I had it happen twice, but have not been able to replicate it since.

Perhaps my web page wasn't full loaded, or Maybe EA is as devious as they seem and purposely linked it, either way this Pets thing is super annoying, but you know whats most annoying...

I still can't wait to buy it. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

SF Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 11

 In the world of sims magazines SF Magazine is one of the leaders if not the leading magazine. I read a lot of Sims magazines, hoping to find cc that doesn't get picked up by the big cc listing sites. But the magazines are also full of cc that do get featured on the big sites too. But the best thing about them in my opinion is the creativity of the writers, some of the screenshots, particularly those of houses or design ideas are amazing. 

                                                             SF Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 11

This is all well and good but the main reason I mention this particular Issue is because some of my cc was featured in it, and it has actually sent a few visitors here. The cc in question was the collection of chandeliers I made back in June. So this post is to say a thank you to SF Mag (even though they probably won't read this) and this post is also to express my happiness at being in SF Magazine.

Sims 3 Create a Pet Demo

First I had to download Origin, then it kept sending me in circles trying to start the download. Then the download stagnates at 7.08% but it turns out it was a godsend because there have been no end of reports on the Demo deleting files, removing save games, even backups somehow failing. However EA has I suppose got what they wanted, because now everyone will be talking  about the pets demo, just not in the way they would have wanted. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sims World is giving me the bored moodlet.



The Sims World seems rather dull, perhaps It's just me,  but The forums (which I am mostly only a lurker in) seem to be boring, and frighteningly on topic. I'm not saying I want off topic, just a little more interest, rather than the long stream of people competing for attention for their uploads (some of which are good I must say). I haven't posted in quite some time because I have nothing much of interest to post. I must be bored, I mean look at the border I made using space and the highlighter...A desperate plea for help if ever I saw one. LOL. 


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rugby World Cup

The streets have been full of Rugby fans, Flags line the shop windows, the opening ceremony was epic, the fireworks were spectacular, but the show put on at Eden park looked amazing. Honestly though, It was more of a tourist campaign if you ask me.

I have seen a vast collection of fans, so far I have seen mostly Irish and American fans, but also a large portion of  Australian and, of course, kiwi fans.

The only thing funnier then the Prime Minister's incorrect pronunciation of the word "trophy", which he pronounced 'trotie' was the hailing of NZ as great hosts, this paired with NZ being declared as one of the most generous nations in recent news, was completely contradicted by the fact that a motel room, costing usually about $100 a night will currently cost you about $600 a night.

I can understand being a clever businessperson, but there must be a line between cashing in and crime.

The Help

If you haven't already seen it, you must go and see it. It is a thoroughly excellent movie. Though its a highly emotional drama it has parts that will make you laugh. I can't say much without spoiling it, so just trust me, its awesome, go and see.