Saturday, October 30, 2010


Xat doodles, while on Xat with ARL, Marie_Blue, Keleya, Marko and CrazyPlumbob (Anoela was there for a little bit aswell)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid...

-The Scarriest Horror Film Since Grease 2-

SimRomanovStudios Presents...

The Exocism of Liam o'Dourke

Coming To A Thread or Trouble Page Near You....


-It was a nightmare-

1-Why did they leave their undewear on?
2-Why wasnt my lawyer present to confirm Grants singing of the adoption papers?
3-Why was there no celebrant or Justice of the peace to bring Lea an I together in wedlock
4-Why The Fudge did I set my alarm?

I am of course kidding*..Please refer to the Disclaimer in the blog post below and make note o the small print directly below.
*SimRomanov reserves the right not to be held to the above words in either a court of law or in a post of mares. Everything said in this log is considered a joke unless stated otherwise

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok this post is a "Just In Case I seem Like a Loon" Disclaimer

!Before reading this post I recommend reading the one below..or else this willl make no sense!

I aint crazy, all that I do, I do for the love of just in case Grant or Jennifer see this (which I highly doubt) I may be crazy..but Im not that kind of crazy *becomes insecure worried that people think im a loon


Lol..This post probably makes me seem more crzay..but once I start digging a hole I cant seem to stop...*bad flashback to the year 2005

But in my defence its not like Im climbin through yo window, snatching yo people up,
there is no need to hide ya kids, hide ya wife, and hide ya husbands cos they be rapin errbody
I aint an iditot attacker from the projects

Run and tell that, Homeboy

For those who didnt understand my italic statement:

To all the people who still think Im crazy:

Ok so someone please warn me when i start to take this too far...I like jokes..but im not quite sure at which point they stop being funny

OMG! This cant be true...MAKE ME UNSEE IT!..MAKE IT NOT TRUE!

So You Think You Know Liam?
Think again....

Liam O'Dourke, the forum sim, placed on a pedistal of hate and horror...
Ridiculed by the community...
Hated by simmers across the globe.....

Do Not Read Past This Post Before Reading This:
What you are about to learn, will shake the very foundations of your simming belief.

It has rocked me to my simming core.

Liam O'Dourke is the creation....

Not of an Evil Mastermind
Or of an Insane Woman Who Lives Alone with 27 Cats...

Rather he is the creation of the greatest person since Bella Goth....


How is one supposed to react? I do not know, I myself am torn,Only lea Micheles can express my feelings

 Does this make Liam an example of simming genius and wit, or does it make Grant a creator of that which is evil...

Does this mean is hould convert and become a disciple of Jennifer Lane?
Perhaps it a sign from the great Plumbob upstairs?
This topic could change my signature forever....or for any period of time according to my wants.

Jennifer Lane


Grant Rodiek

This is clear evidence that mortals such as myself, should not strive to be the child of a God, such as the ones at Mount EA Olympus

Am I Making A Bigger Deal of this then I need to, Yes...Im just passing the Time Waiting for Late Night
Ive built a bridge and Im halfway across it..though Im still  considering a conversion to Jennifer Lane...

@Marie_Blue: You have to stop saying I have a guy crush on Grant people will get the wrong the fellow who sent me these...

The post to follow is far more shocking then the one that came before
 mainly because it deals with real people

The sender had a male avatar, Then I did a little research
a teen dating profile for a male using the same alias
they put sexuality as "not sure yet"

I have nothing against confused people...however I dont like any unwanted attention (from anyone) makes me uncomfortable..unless its a joke...Humor is my comfort zone


  If anything above particularly the last part offended anyone that was not my intention. Please accept my advancced apology If I have offended or upset you in anyway...sometimes I do it without realizing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


(Oh My Grant)

Grant Rodiek, the most awesome person since Bella goth posted in my topic (which was actually knida about him)

All I need is a visit to the EA HQ and my life will be complete

Grant Rodiek

Will you adopt me....

Im so not doing a legacy

I was going to..5 minutes into it i was getting out is positively dull (no offence) ...the whole time i kept wanting to build..or to talk on the forums..or make a machinima.....but its not like anyone cares..No Legacy..End of Story


Monday, October 25, 2010

Wishes do come true

I wished for late night to be released happened..I guess i should have wished for it to be in my just like in the movies... Must be specific when asking for a wish...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have No Fear...

             -EA is here-           
-Well at Least Thats What They'd Have Us Believe-

So EA is bringing out the big guns..The Mods and Gurus have jumped into action....after a 5 hour coffee break of course 

They tell us they are solving it so I suppose we have choice but to trust them.
Here is the Dream Team...

FOr those wondering whats with the poptart picture:

Attack of the Mods

War of the Forums: Attack of the Modpods. The mods have taken over the forums..its like communist russia in there..I tried to make a topic..this is what I get

EA..what is this shit!...who wants to bet alternate forums will get increased action...

just look at all the mods
Smilies are gone..not avaiable to post plus all the old smilies have reverted to words

What forum is this shitty..i hope its temporary or a joke..I hope its not just me...tplus the mods are lazy look at europes forums..refers to below post

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off Topic Forums...but not for us

This is an outrage, we english speaking people are being cast aside in favour of european countiries, our mods and gurus are second rate! if we had a union id go on strike! this is unfair treatment! what the fudge am i talking about..take a look:
an off topic section in the german forums
Off topic section in the spanish forums
a relaxation area (looks off topic) in the french forums
just one of many examples of simgurus(and mods) that have an active presence,  it appears that the mods are there quick to deal with problems...i doubt explicit pictures are on the european forums for days waiting for a lazy mod to remove them
a thread where they move locked topics so the are out of the way while they wait to be deleted

clearly SGH and the others are to frickin lazy to deal with trolls, the reason she claims we have no off topicness, one wonders if the european forums have so pissed..if i were in 'white chicks' i would have BF right now

SGH in the (modified) words of TVs hottest christian: "I srsly want to punch you right now"

sorry if this was already well known

SGH just thought i should warn you

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Demon Angel

This is the story of Alice. She lived in a large house with her mother and father....
Her mother seemed to be the kindest woman on earth, Alice inherited her mothers kind qualities...
However her father was an enigmatic man, he spent his days in the attic, which alice was forbidden to fact the only way she knew he existed was when he played the piano and it would echo through the house.....

Every full moon, her mother would tell her the same story, it was the story of two angels who feel in love, but one day one of the angels was killed and when an angel dies they become a demon. but they loved each other so much that they stayed together and had a child, and when the child was born the angel gave her powers to her new born daughter daughter"..and this is where
Alices mother would always end the story, and whenever Alice asked her to finish it, her mother would say "Alice, when its time for the story to be finished, you will know" ....

On her 7th birthday she listened to her father play a song on the piano for her....but  being her birthday she decided her present should be to see her against her mothers warning, Alice went to the attic...
However she found no one...the music seemed to be coming from the fireplace...

As Alice got closer she noticed as she got closer to fire that she felt colder...Alice reached out and touched the flame, and was not burnt...

but her mother came in, and for the first time she became truely angry at Alice...when she calmed down she told alice a little more of the story.."after the child was born the father locked himself away, for the evil within him ws beggining to take hold, and it would soon drive him to turn on his wife and child" and only with an angels touch could he be released"....Alice asked what her mother meant, and her mother went on to explain that Alice was the child from the story, and that by her touching the flame she had released her Demon father...but before she could finish explaining a secret door in the wall came open..and the whole room became filled with darkness...
Alice looked on as her mother entered the hidden room and began to argue with a strange man..she was confused, could her mothers story really be true...

My little angel! the man exclaimed as he saw the little girl stand at the door....

Alices mother rushed to protect her..but the man knocked Alices mother to the ground
 killing her as he did so...

with her dying breath she told Alice that it was up to her how the story would end...Alice became more afraid and ran...
she ran into a small room..the man was following but she closed the door behind her and locked it tight...

but somehow he was already in the room, sitting in a chair....her got up and with one gaze killed Alice..Alice though she had been killed was somehow still alive..she felt something inside her begin to change..a darkness began taking over..she grabbed at the door with her hand stained in her own blood trying to escape her murderer....she screamed for help but there was no one to rescue her
she felt as the angel within her died and a demon was born....

she looked up at her father...his laughter came to a hault when he saw vengence in her eyes

with her new found strength she over powered an killed her father, an act of revenge for the death of her mother.....
and thus a demon angel was born..spending the rest of her immortal life roaming the house..waiting for
a rescue that would never come...

The End 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The perfect GIF

This gif is perfect for summing up the previous week on the forums