Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok this post is a "Just In Case I seem Like a Loon" Disclaimer

!Before reading this post I recommend reading the one below..or else this willl make no sense!

I aint crazy, all that I do, I do for the love of just in case Grant or Jennifer see this (which I highly doubt) I may be crazy..but Im not that kind of crazy *becomes insecure worried that people think im a loon


Lol..This post probably makes me seem more crzay..but once I start digging a hole I cant seem to stop...*bad flashback to the year 2005

But in my defence its not like Im climbin through yo window, snatching yo people up,
there is no need to hide ya kids, hide ya wife, and hide ya husbands cos they be rapin errbody
I aint an iditot attacker from the projects

Run and tell that, Homeboy

For those who didnt understand my italic statement:

To all the people who still think Im crazy:

Ok so someone please warn me when i start to take this too far...I like jokes..but im not quite sure at which point they stop being funny


  1. When they stop being funny. . .

    When the world ends I believe.

  2. YAY westie! *does hopscotch dance