Friday, October 8, 2010

Queen Alexurt1 and the Fall of the Gifting Monarchy

I was shocked to learn Her Majesty, Queen Alexurt1 of gifting, was banned,Good news its only a temp ban for our queen according to someone on the forums, though its yet to be confirmed by anyone else. The effects are widespread across the sim kingdom. I have a feeling Jarsie9 and simguruhydra are behind this. However a revolution may have begun, already many threads, some already pages long, petitioning for her return have been made. King Kerby has also fallen, perhaps less known then Queen Alexis, he certainly had a huge impact on the gifting community.
 We do need a seperation of church and state, I mean forum and company, we cant blame EA, Grant Rodiek and such, we must turn our attention to customer support simgurus and the mods
... despite what simguruhydra said, the mods and gurus are involved
I made a siggy:

What is the world coming to, all the good people are being banned..welcome to the ninties!

meanwhile simguruhydra's got herself a follower

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