Friday, December 31, 2010



According to the trusted Dutch sims news informer Grant Rodiek packed his bags after Late Night.

Google translate quote:

"After Rod Humble, see this post on our site, including Grant Rodiek away from EA and The Sims Studio. That the German fansite Simfans via their twitter about it.

I just had a chat with Grant Rodiek, "late night" was the last sims game with him in the team. Will he work for An Other publisher futures.

Grant Rodiek was from the beginning with The Sims 3 in question and was associate producer for The Sims 3 After Midnight, what is his last job at EA because he was going with a publisher other games work. Over the years we have very regular messages from Grant or Grant put online, it shows itself when you type in his name in 'search'.

So slowly but surely the old guard will be gone or working on other projects within EA. A whole new generation of The Sims Studio now so take a little. And it never hurts a bit of fresh air." 

I have decided to Make my blog black until the next post 
Not only is it my mourning but in reality it is a new look again for my blog..=)

This ruins my plan to be adopted by Grant by the year 2013 and totally throws out my plan to rule the world by 2026

My Stalker Album

First Rod, Now Grant...Is it some sort of EA Exodus, or perhaps its just that Grant is absolutely terrified of SImGuruHydra

In regards "Nousername" left and all that jazz

Ok so, this post is for those who already know what I mean, for those who don't, no need to concern yourself with this post.
So when I first read the blog posts about it it I was quite stand offish,I thought my initial post was justified and that the other user was completely wrong, but upon reflection, I considered that if more than one other mature person, whose opinion I respect has said something, surely nothing has changed and their should be some merit to it...
I think over reaction is the key word in regards my actions, I wasn't overly offended by what she initially said but   I made the decision to involve myself in a war of words, something I don't make a habit of, and I'm not really sure what motivated me, but despite any excuse I may provide, every action has a consequence, so now I will apologize for my actions, I'm not sorry for disliking the user though, in 3 different threads she did act very well I'm sure you saw, unless they got deleted. but never the less I'm still sorry, and from what I can tell its not really about her mention of god, its more about the entire thread, which was blown out of proportion, and I accept and apologize for my (large) share in that. 
And while I don't feel your blogs were targeted at me or anyone specifically, but more using this as an example of  the sad going on in the forums lately, I still feel I needed to say this.
If you are reading this, a warm handshake to you, If you forgive me, a thankful hug and a small joke about the weather.

P.S. - Having thought about it my motivation was in part due to my annoyance at some forum members and usually I try to walk away, but this time I just decided to rip into it, so the user received all my negativity I have been keeping toward trolls, clearly she didn't deserve all of that, and my actions  clearly weren't wise, At the time though I did not see the fault of my actions, Being imperfect we all have had times where we thought we were justified even if we were not, something which teenagers are often prone to. But whats done is done, I cant take it back, I can only apologize. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

SV CLUB - 2 degrees Below

- 2 Degrees Below -
A New Late Night Club For Sunset Valley

2 Degrees below is the now hot spot in Sunset Valley, the whole club is divided into two parts, the Fahrenheit Bar and the Celsius Lounge 

-The Fahrenheit Bar-
The bottom 2 floors form a huge open air space known as the collectively as the Fahrenheit Bar. You can soak in the Fahrenheit pool or relax poolside at the Polar Bar while listening to the band play. There is also a huge dance floor for sims to show off their moves.

-Celsius Lounge-
The More Exclusive Celsius Lounge mainly on floor 3 begins though at the Mercury Room on floor 1. Once up in the Celsius Lounge you can party the night away in the two extremes, Dance it up on the Inferno dance floor, Gossip with celebrities in the Final Degree Lounge or perhaps relax with a cool drink at the open air Sub Zero Bar, enjoy the stunning views of the ocean, watch as the sunsets or gaze up at the stars, the Sub Zero Bar really is the hottest bar in town.

-Floor Plans-
There are a total of 3 floors in the 2 Degrees Below CLub

Celsius Lounge - Floor 3
Fahrenheit Bar - Floor 1 and 2*
Restrooms - Basement

*There is nothing on floor 2 as it is really just a double high ceiling for floor 1 a bit like a mezzanine 

-Custom Content List-

There are only 3 pieces of cc in the whole lot, some of which may come with the download, but to be sure here are the links to the downloads

The only really essential one to download is the window, as it is used very often.
*The Dining chair comes in the Dining set


Download 2 Degrees Below from:

The Exchange (Click Here)  (Will add exchange link when the exchange gets its act together)

Obviously it fits on any lot large enough but it is intended to go on Recurve Strand in Sunset Valley

Bad Omen For 2011 Forums

Its the Day Before New Years and look what the forums have to offer this morning...


A well intentioned person wanting to make a fan forum has probably no chance of making a successful forum now that Abeerkhan is involved, making a forum is hard, making it with Abeerkhan requires divine power.

IF abeer stays on board and it turns out successful then its a sign of the apocalypse

In other news Abeerkhan will be celebrating new years by reading the entire oxford dictionary.


And it looks like the trolls have been breading, and look Nousernamesleft was born

For a full explanation see Paco blog 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Simming (half) Year In Review

My Forum (half)Year in Review
Usually this is something the news will do, covering the major news events of the year, but I'm doing it sim style.

6 moths ago, mid June 2010, I became apart of the online sims world. I am pleased to say I'm glad I did, though others of you probably prefer me without internet access, lol. I had no idea of the drama I had signed up for... 

The Evil Exchange Doll

I have to say I kinda miss her, She was a great conversation topic, Though she did alot of harm, ever since things calmed down, there has been a void, which has been left unfilled.

Though she was really creepy...Its almost quite amazing had it been a corrupt lamp it wouldn't have been as interesting, but a corrupt sims exchange that has the makings of a low budget film.

Sim Gurus

The concept of a sim guru sounds reasonable, but in reality it just fails, 
Especially if you are SimGuruHydra

Unwanted Attention

I won't bother explaining this one...It speaks for itself.

The Mares Nest

I, like many other newbies, came across a thread in which someone kept referring to TMN, and like all newbies do I asked what it was, little did I know I was about to enter the funniest blog ever, and eventually convert to Mareism. 

Warned, Banned, Banned and Permabanned

It seems those Gurus are really ban happy. Many simmers have been there and done that, but never the ones who deserve it. After my "SimRomanov" account was banned, and I waited (what seemed like forever) for fast lane and came back as "SR_in_Simmerland" but that name is lame so I like to be known as SR or Sim Romanov. Oh well, Life goes on (usually)


They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all smell the same. I do not like them or their spam, I do not like them, Sam I am. one of the most notable trolls being Jarsie9, take whatever personal view of her you wish, but she is a Troll, no doubt about it.


An immature spamming troll that I honestly thought would be a better community member, so I stuck with him   but that was a mistake, He lied and spammed, I don't know what his problem was, maybe someone took his crayons, but now I am rid of him.

I Made A Blog

I wast sure about starting a blog, because I wasn't sure if I could write interesting enough stuff for you guys, I did ok I think, my blog is still going, though its only my 4th (almost 5th) month. Still I have High hopes for 2011. (at least it wans't one of those dead in a month blogs which are all to common)
Anywho, The first thing of interest that happened was my blog name "SR'S DEEP THOUGHTS" its a pretty ok name, but then I tried to reach it via Google...

Lea Michele, Grant Rodiek, Christine O'Donnell and Justin Bieber

None were better than Palin, and none can fill the exchange doll void. :P

The Illegal Activities on the Forums

I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with this topic, but these pictures should explain the Drama to which I refer

The Site Hacking

Heaps of topics deleted it was all a big mess and it had "EA fail" written all over it, but good old hydra covered that up and wrote "malicious hackers" as an alternative. But If it looks like EA and it quacks like EA, then its EA. (Clearly just my opinion) But what one has to wonder, what was a wikileaks wanna-be wanting to hack the EA forum for...

The Possible Second Hacking

At first it looked like one of the underpaid staff at EA finally cracked...
But Hydra, moved into that eternal state of "resolving" 
And with all that talk by the common people, Our dictator like Guru was there to quiet the masses with a lock and more talk of "resolving"

Liam O' Dourke

He may turn out to be the thing to fill the doll void, He is annoying, forum famous, and yet lovable... Matches the dolls description quite well...

All That Other Stuff

Plenty of other stuff happened, but it just doesn't come to mind, If there is more you think I should have let me know and I will add it in. But in the end My half year in the web world has been great, No doubt there are plenty more fun times to be had.

Happy Simming

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keeping it Fresh

As you can see I had a bit of a change to the blogs look. Do you think its better or worse?

No doubt it will eventually change again, I just was over sim brick background. 

CC Free Modern Home

CC Free Modern Home

Download Here: