Saturday, December 29, 2012

Archery - (non sim post)

I have decided I would like to get into Archery,
the reasons being,
I have done Archery in school and loved it. It can be relatively cheap compared with otherr hobbies I want to pursue. Plus I want to get my Katniss Everdeen on and shoot some things. Archery is also a sort of beautiful thing, there is something rather poetic about it, but maybe thats just me, also I dont know many people who do it so  it would be pretty cool to be known in my wider circle of acquaintances as "the guy who does archery".

I am going to look at bows tomorrow at the hunting store, so hopefully all goes well. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Yet Another Post

yet another post
in which
I tell you how I am too busy
to be here regualarly or even to
play sims.
Though there was
a recent
failed attempt
at building downton abbey
in the sims.
spaking of which the end of year special of downton is coming soon, and so is the next season of Miranda.
yay for British tv.

this post has been badly formated at 11:55pm by yours truely
Sim Romanov

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A (big) Little Update :)

So this time of year is crazy busy as always.
I recently was in hopsital O: but I am perfectly fine now so clam yourselves down.
Holiday plans seem to be as ever changing as the weather, Its summer here and its raining -_-
Sims? What's sims? Oh I think I played that game maybe? I know how could I run a respectable sims blog and not play sims. XD
A fellow simmer mentioned sims the other day and my reaction was "oh you play sims too!?" Then I remebered we only know each other through sims. -_-

The thing I look forward to most over the next few weeks, well its two things actually, both British,
I am most looking forward to the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, and Miranda the BBC comedy is beginning its third season. XD

I need to tone down on the emoticons

Anyway I look forward to wearing shorts as soon as the weather permits, I will miss my coats though. My goodness this is the first year I have actually cared abiut my clothing in relation to the season. 

For those of you living in a Northern hemisphere bubble wondering why I am under the impression its Summer when its actually Winter, it is summer down in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Plus I am on my jolly way to 100,000 views in this fine old blog, the goal from earlier this year was to reach the landmark by February of next year and it looks to be quite possible. This has been my only use of goal setting as taught by all educational institutes I have attended. 

Oh and a little note, the Mares added me to their list of simmie blogs, Perhaps I am more excited than I should be but it feels like some sort of rite of passage.