Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Actual Children and Actual Pervs

Online Dangers
-Todays Rather Disturbing Drama-

The following post is not for children it contains themes not suitable for a younger audience*
*pretty good rating description right?

Ok So its no big shock that there are pervs online (assuming you have good parents) but me in my innocence have decided to share the rather disturbing events of earlier today.

I was video chatting on Tinychat with a few other simmers, some of my friends from the forums. Anywho there were one or two simemrs who werent on camera but that was ok, in total there was about 7 of us. Then a guest came in, and another, naturally we instanly accused them of being weirdos unless they told us their simming name, but then more guest kept comming in, some turned on their cams, just random strangers, In total their were 30 people in the chat and 12 or so on camera only 7 of 30 were simmers approx. So heaps of ranodm strangers came on, they seemed normal enough, but one as soon as their cam was on we didnt see a face, rather we saw a man who was masturbating, one of the other strangers started swearing at him, I called out for Chris Hansen and stopped broadcasting my camera, there were some as young as 12 in that chat, where all the strangers came from I cant say, but it was highly repulsive, the worst thing is its burned into my brain, make me unsee it!

I cant tell anyone irl about it (how does one even begin that conversation)

Many others no doubt experienced it but it was my first time so It was a big reminder to watch out online. Another reminder that behind that Avatar it could be anyone. I know you already know but a reminder wont hurt.

Oh and a giggle to finish off this rather serious post:

Keep Safe. Happy Simming. =)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

5000 Hits

-5000 hits!-
A mini landmark

Now that is a lot in the short space of time Ive been around, I can blame myself for 100-500 hit, coming in and out editing things reading comments etc. Also as the past post suggest the counter, counts each hit rather than each unique visitor. But each time I put in a post I noticed depending on the time I got a significant amount of hits within the next little while, so I imagine that alot of my blog traffic comes from peoples blog lists, Now I think I can definitely blame Vidkid, because alot of the people who come through here probably came through her blog first. *BIG HUG* plus there are a few other blogger peps who link people here *INAPPROPRIATELY LONG HUG*  and the other place that sends people here from time to time would be Mares *DOUBLE HUG*
 But most of all *EPIC HUG* to all the people who clicked those links, or ended up here in some kind of freak accident.

But the moral of the story: Have a look through peoples blog lists, you might end up getting a hug.

But you guys probably didnt read all that your just here to spy on me!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chichen Itza

The Chichen Itza
For Sims 3

Just a basic Sims3 version of Chichen Itza.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jealousy isn't Pretty

Jealousy isn't Pretty...
So Right Now I must be the ugliest person on the planet

Im really jealous of his...watch. >_>

There are other photos, but I find them rather inappropiate, this one is quite inappropriate aswell, But I couldnt resist blogging about it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hanging Gardens New Creation

 The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon
By SimRomanov

Ok, well first off Im certain this lot has only 3 pieces of cc which are the retaining walls, which should come with it. The lot is a huge lot, it has a large water fall, many pools a very cool water system and of course its a split leevl lot covered in plants, it looks great at day and night, it has a Babylonian style gate and plenty of walkways, It took a few hours to make and Im really proud of it. I made good use of the new fountain feature available in the most recent update or with LN

NOTE: I know there already is another hanging gardens, but my concept is far different, plus I wasnt about to give up a few hours work because someone else made one, though i commend the other creator for a great lot.