Sunday, February 17, 2013

100,000 Hits!

100,000 Hits!

Congratulations fine sir! *hand shake* Jolly Good Show *clink of wine glasses*
Well done ol' chap! *applause* 

Yes I did it. The milestone. Well I have to say the view up here is amazing. 
Well this is not quite how I imagined it. Immediately following a farewell post.

Oh and about doing a Dick Whittington, well for one thing Mare's I had to google that, yes point and laugh at the kid who doesn't know his English folk tales, if coming back to the forums leads me to becoming Lord Mayor of London then I would totally do it. Speaking of people in high places Mares have you considered the papacy? I hear there is a vacancy.

Politically incorrect jokes aside, I may return one day but right now is not the time and if I did return it would probably be for about 2 minutes before leaving again, not that I plan to return but I thought by saying this I allow myself a back door to return if I so choose.

Anyway a little update about me because well I wanted to share, I bought my first DSLR camera the other day, I use it so much it has become an extension of my hand. Also I am going to a ball! Yes a ball, its not a school ball (that would be sad as I am homeschooled) but its like a costume ball with the theme Fire and Ice, anyway I am going as Ice so I am going to get this, yes I know its awesome, anyway that is all.

Feel free to congratulate me, now at my feet, send me gifts of Myrrh, whatevs. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Note For You

Yes this is a note written exclusively for you.
Well that was a lie. This is not a note, and while it may be intended for you to read it is by no means written for you alone.

Needless to say I have lost all interest in the sims. I hate to sound like a broken record but life has become busy, so busy that there is little room for Sims, This blog hasn't seen a true sim post for a while. I am mostly here for my friends. But recently I decided that I needed to move on, move on even from my friends here, this is for many reasons which I won't go into, but I did say a rather crude excuse for a goodbye to some of my close friends, and I feel the need to apologise, it was messy and I am sorry. Consider this a goodbye, with the exception of a small self congratulatory post for when this blog reaches 100,000. In other news I bought a pair of cufflinks that look like mini 1970s cameras, also I am going to get a new pair of glasses, I have reading glasses but I want some hipster glasses, but I will get them with prescription lenses so that I have a legitimate excuse to wear them.

The post from here on in is directed to my friends who being honest are probably the only people who ever really read this blog anyway.

I never realised how much I relied on you, when things happen and my first thought is to tell you, and then I remeber I have already said goodbye.
As I write I consider that writing this may be a mistake, my way of trying to hold on.
But that in itself shows that I need to move on, I hate how dramatic this all sounds, nevertheless my attachment to you was to strong, so strong I didn't think I could move on and being truthful it isn't easy. Last time I tried to leave I came back, which though it hurt my pride to go back on my word I couldn't stay away, and even now I am still trying to hold on, barely resisting the urge to just come back.

Anyway it is what it is enough with the internal struggle to stay away.
Other than the issues covered above everything is going well. My current goals and aspirations include writing a book, travelling to Asia, travelling to Europe and Travelling to America and Canada, I have decided that I would like to learn French, now this last goal has much potential to fail like my attempts to learn several different musical instruments.

The above goals do seem a little, well, difficult to achieve for a 17 year old who has no writing skills, no money and no great ability concerning foreign language, however these are long term and I have given myself 13 years to complete these goals. If you do the math you will realise I did some goal setting with the thought of "Where Do I See Myself By The Time I'm 30?"

Yes I do goal setting, deal with it.

Anyway I have no idea why I'm even going on about this I just guess I wanted to talk to you about it, and well, I guess this was the way I could do it without really coming back. In fact even this is bad enough.

This message has been approved by the Grand United Masonic Lodge of London.
Again another lie, the only one approving this message is me. And if that seal of approval isn't good enough for you then please, lower your standards.