Thursday, November 22, 2012

New World - Monte Vista

I only just saw this on a Spanish sims site, so forgive my lack of knowledge, and perhaps its all over the officials, but anyway all I wanted to say is, WOW, this looks beautiful. Would be a great setting for some machinima. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing. I'm Tired And Running On Sugar And Caffiene

I am a human who was mailed to the wrong adress at brith, I was meant to have been born to a middle class family in England in 1889. Then, because my parents were anti-monarchy, we would have moved to Ireland in 1904. Then to escape the war in 1916 I moved to New York. It was here I founded my publishing empire, I never married. I adopted a dog in 1920 who I named Napoleon, when he died in 1930, I sank into depression, and three weeks later my body was found in my penthouse apartment, it was ruled a suicide but conspiracy theorists insist it was murder. I was cremated and my ashes scattered in the hills near my childhood home in Ireland. My publishing empire was divided among my relatives in Ireland and England and eventually went bankrupt due to bad management. A documentary was made about my life in 1980, it suggested that I was murdered by Irish extremists for an article published about the troubles in one of my newspapers.

So that is my life as it was meant to have been lived. But as mentioned I was sent to the wrong address, and so here I am, in a life that is not mine.

This post will seem weird in the morning, but it makes comlete sense to me right now. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Is All About Llamas

I lied, this post has nothing to do with llamas. 
Anyway freaked the hell out when MS3B went down, thankfully it was up again the next day.
Downloaded a whole load of hipster custom content. Judge if you will, but I love ironic sims with Polaroids and vintage tees.

Downloaded the newest update as well, now I haven't bought a game since pets, I was amazed how many games I have missed, I didn't realize there had been so many since then.

Hoping to do a machinima soon, idk though you know how I can be with these projects, My machinima, My Custom Content, My blog activity, it comes in waves, and lest we forget my desires for the crazies to return, as Mares predicted it has foundered before it even begun. 

How did they know it would happen?! Them voodoo witches with all their black magic, or perhaps the more likely way the knew is because it was a nice idea but with absolutely no means of achievement and completely against probability, But still its fun to think that those mares know some voodoo...
PLEASE It was just a joke, NO please dont kill me and use by eyes and fingers for potions!

Moving swiftly along hope your having a nice day reader, but probably not, in fact it must be really boring for you to be reading one of my posts. Between you and me, the only reason my blog still gets views is not because people read my posts but because of all the traffic created by all my super awesome custom content, not sure if that is a Good thing or a bad thing.