Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's Been a While...

It has been quite some time hasn't it, so long in fact that I almost forgot what my password was.
But nevertheless I am here to say "Hi".

I've been getting all nostalgic and wondering how everyone is.
Most of you I see are about as active as I am. Not that I blame you, I totally understand. Its sad but such is the nature of life, why should it be any different on the web right?

So an update about me for anyone who actually wants to know (I'm guessing for anyone reading this your probably here by mistake, emergency exits are towards the front and rear of the blog)

Well I've been good. I've been writing a lot, not blog writing clealry, but writing fiction. So thats been a lot of fun and continues to be. I am still trying to figure my life out, and its dawning in me that perhaps no one ever does figure their life out, but I'll leave that one for the philosophers. I've not touched a sims game in the longest time. Life is just so busy, but its a good busy. 

You'll be pleased to know I've behaved as a good little boy in the interim, I've managed to avoid breaking any laws or finding myself on the bad end of a harmful or addictive substance. 
(Stay in school kids) 

Being a new year I've set myself some goals, to get up earlier and to go to bed earlier 
(ha its currently 4 minutes past midnight).
Other goals include finding a new job, I've had a good run at my current job but time for soemthing new I think. 

As for my long term future?
Well I'm not much one for a career, I was in school, you know how it is plans for uni, dreams of the middle class suburban life. Well I've changed since then. First I want to get my book written (not necessarily published, just written, sorta like a bucket list thing). Second I want to travel, I have been overseas in the past but I want to do some proper travelling, by that I mean I want to move offshore, try my luck in different parts of the world, see what sticks. 

I guess I'm a bit of an oddball, don't get me wrong I'm not a slacker, I'm a firm believer in hard work and determination. I'm just testing the water for a life of less structure. Free spirit and all that. Who knows I am a teenager, it may, like all this, pass eventually.

As for my future with the Sims?
Well The Sims 3 has well and truly become a part of my past, and I don't see it in my future. The Sims 4, maybe. 

The one thing in my immediate future is a pillow and a night of rest. And perhaps some french radio, I find it helps me sleep and I pretend it somehow makes me more cultured. 

Goodnight all.
 (Assuming someone actually reads this and that its actually night when you do)