Monday, December 22, 2014

My Life As You Know It - And My Real Life Name

I miss the swimming world something terrible but nevertheless life keeps on. I want to let you all know that I am in good health and I remain sound of mind (as much as my mind ever was sound). The promise of next year has me in anticipation already. I will begin a new course in IT and Office Administration next year as being a dental assistant hasn't really panned out (did I ever mention the dental assistant thing? I think maybe not but okay you know now).  The whole idea of doing this course is to aid me in my goal of working in a bank. 

Anyway enough about the future when there is so much in the past we haven't even caught up on yet. 
First of all...300,000 hits! 
That's not too shabby even if I do say so myself. I mean I'm not it the Mare's Millionaires club or anything but still. 

Hey I've recently started getting into horse riding you know. I hadnt been on a horse since I was a child so it was the first time in my adult life that I've been on a horse! I loved it thoroughly. 

I'm 19 now and I really feel like my life is finally beginning. I mean things aren't exactly as I'd hoped. My hopes of travelling to Europe and America are at least a year away probably longer but I don't mind, I can wait. And that's also not to say that my life until now has been dull. It's just that I feel, in a rather story book way, the way I think a young 19 year old man ought to feel, bright eyed and full of hopes and dreams. I was having a rather deep discussion with a friend and they told me "2015 may just be your year" and you know as cheesy as it is I really feel that it will be. 

Did I mention I have my restricted liscene? I got it some time ago now but it allows me to drive about on my own. I also have a car now and I've had that for a while too but just so you all know. Nothing fancy of course but still it does the trick. 

I've also been very adventurous in the kitchen. Learning how to cook and bake. I mean I could cook and bake a little but now I'm exploring (with the aid of my mother). I challenge you to find a greater pleasure in this world than the pleasure one derives from making a curry directly from spices. The madness of the half-recipie half-experiment, yet whole hearted approach is something I would not trade for anything. I talk as if I were some sort of spice master but I just confess I'm still completely amateur. I still haven't decided how to pronounce cumin (but then really has anyone?). I just enjoy the experience. 

I'm reading a lot more too which I'm so happy about. One book I read recently called One Night in Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore moved me to tears and left me haunted for days. Something that only a few years ago a book would never have done. 

I'm also writing as a few of you may know. Just some fiction. Nothing published or anything like that you understand. Just as a hobby. A creative outlet. It all started when I was drawing and I just couldnt capture on the page the story in my imagination and so I decided to start writing and I've not stopped since. My grammar is lacking in the extreme but my passion for it cannot be quelled. 

Oh well I think I've taken up enough of you're time. Thanks for bothering to read this all. If you got down this far I salute you. Please leave a comment if you just want to say hi I would love to ear from you. I think (or rather that stats tell me) that most of the hits get are for all that custom content I made so I don't anticipate anyone actually reading any of my personal life ramblings and therefore I anticipate few or no comments but that's okay. 

I want to conclude by wishing you all a bright and wonderful future and all the very best on your endeavours in the new year. 

By the way my real name is Zak. (Oh just like that episode "The Name of The Doctor" except in this instance no one actually cares what my name is and also unlike the Doctor whose name remains unknown you actually find out what my name is).