Monday, March 28, 2016

It's Been Too Long

I forgot my email.
It is sim_romanov.
But it's been so long I forgot the underscore.
The underscore!
I'm also very tired so this post is gonna be really badly formatted, but it's kinda on purpose; in the same way that hispters have those Hercule Poirot moustaches.

Life has been somewhat demanding of late, I'm doing fine, just growing tired of people trying to be my mentor or role model. I currently have two people trying to each take me under their idiomatic wing. Their main goal seems to be criticising my decisions and belittling my achievements. Newsflash: "You could do better" is among the many things one should never say when trying to encourage someone.

A few of you may know I enjoy writing fictional stories and would love to be a writer (although you probably can't tell from my apparently poor understanding of the English language). I tell you this so you understand how upset I was when told "writing stories is a waste of time". Also I have apparently been giving too much priority to my social life. Being that only a few years ago I can recall crying alone in my bedroom because I felt I had no friends, being criticised for being too social cam as a complete surprise. I don't even think I'm doing that poorly in life at the moment so the crtisicm I've been getting has really hit me. I think I need these people out of my life but it can be quite difficult to remove people, especially when they seem to have made you their pet project.

In other news winter is fast approaching and it is my goal to try skiing this year. Last year we moved to a new town and now I'm very close to the mountain so I'm determined to take full advantage this winter season.

I've also decided to go Paleo again because my eating choices of late have been less than sensible. I actually enjoy the Paleo diet, it is really a matter of preparation for me. As long as I set aside the time to plan and make my meals it really goes quite well. Too often I fall victim to the convenience of the local fish and chip shop 😝

Now I'm at the end of my post and I realise that I started formatting it properly even though I said I wouldn't. Such inconsistency won't be tolerated!

Do Svidanya!