Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sims 3 Community - What Makes It Fail

The Sims 3 Community 
-What  Makes It Fail-

An unscientific and completely bias examination
by SimRomanov

In the following examination I seek to prove that the Sims 3 community fails, with the exception of a few unofficial forums and blogs, I shall attempt to convince you of this with the occasional solid fact and piece of evidence, but mainly with clever font choice and use of humor at the expense of EA's 'Spotless Reputation'

The format of a report ends here, Now it is just a rant, though still on the subject of what makes TS3 community fail.

The first problem is obviously the fact that due to EA's general laziness the forums are a complete shambles, every other day something goes wrong, and there is some sort of warped idea that every ten minutes they need a new feature (like the new 'mypage') despite the fact that adding new features invariably makes the forums even more of a mess.

The second problem is that despite the huge number of awesome simmers in the community they are outnumbered by rather dull simmers attempting to get attention by making topics about there new extremely generic sim, and then of course there are the infinite supply of trolls who though not being overly large in number have a very large presence in the forum, and that is due in part to EA's inability to ban a troll, but seemingly highly trained ability to ban the awesome simmers mentioned earlier.

The third problem is one that I myself am party to, is that most simmers who are currently active on the forum, are unlikely to remain active, which means when you do manage to find the other awesome simmers its unlikely you will all still be enjoying each others company in a few months time because some of them will have been put off the forums by problems one or two, or even both.

And when it seems that the official forums are collapsing around you, you retreat unto blogger and wordpress.  And sanctuary may also be found in a simmer made forum and it is here that the awesome simmers may reside in peace until the day that the official forum is made into the great and mighty dwelling place of simmers that we all wish it to be...
And it is based on this that I conclude that the unofficial forums shall have a very long life and that the (Official) Sims 3 Community Fails.

Congratulations if you have read all of this without falling asleep, you win an all expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world*
*The vacation must occur within your imagination. SR's Deep Thoughts takes no responsibility for the emotional damage you may receive from any events occurring in your imagination. To claim your prize you must first send 100$ to the prize accounting committee in Nigeria.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alone In The Dark. (Siff Machinima Promos)

These are the posters and also the trailer for my upcoming machinima "Alone In The Dark". The machinima is for SIFF Spring 2012. It will be released March 15th.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just A Little Note (There is no need to bother reading this really)

60,000 views, an acknowledgement of this but no celebration the next real landmark is 100,000.

See I was telling the truth when I said no need to bother reading this.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Alexander Palace (New Lot)

The Alexander Palace

This lot is based on the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia. A former Imperial Residence of the Romanov family.
This sims3 version has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a library, a music room, a ballroom, a sitting room, 2 kitchens, 2 dinning rooms, and more (which I can't remember).

Architectural I recreated the Palace very closely within the bounds of sims. I am particularly proud of the colonnade.
Like the real palace this building has a Corps de logis, this is the main part at the center with the ballroom, with two wings adjoining either side, forming the Cour d'Honneur (the 3-sided courtyard). To be honest I only learnt these terms when looking up the Palace in order to build it right, I'm no architect, particularly not one who knows french.

Anyway here a re some pics of the real one for comparison.

And Now For The One You Will Be Downloading
CC You Really Should Download:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alexander Palace

-Alexander Palace-

I recently re-ignited my old Alexander palace project, The structure itself is complete and too the layout, but now I just need to furnish the Palace and finish landscaping. Still about 15 rooms to furnish...Furnishing takes the longest especially when like me you feel the need to customize patterns on everything.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Alice In Wonderland Sims

Alice In Wonderland
What started out as making cc bunny ears led to me wanting to make an Alice machinima, which I made characters and sets for but have nor the time nor the energy to actual make the machinima, And now, because I have the characters but can't be bothered doing a machinima I just decided to make and post this picture.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wow!! The Best Hair I Have Ever Seen!

While Browsing MS3B, I found what is quite possibly the best hair ever to be found in the sims universe...
(See if you can spot the person being sarcastic here...I'll give you a hint...It's me)

Hey look

While doing an extra long search/update over at ms3b, I noticed the new store stuff including Climbing Wall! Woot!

This looks Like the set of an episode of Criminal minds in which a sadistic gym owner forces people he kidnaps to climb until they expire from being so fit.
Now there is a novel idea for a new episode, and of course he will fit right into the criminal minds world, where no one is overly concerned that there is a never ending supply of serial killers.

Hello All! (Hugs anyone?)
Did ya miss me?! Well I was only gone for a month, but in the blog world that's like a year. Man I have to do some intense reading to catch up, starting with Mares, oh how I missed thou (or should that be 'thee').

Anyway, no detailed explanations as to my absence sorry, other than too busy, too busy even to play sims, or even think about it. 

Hey look, like death and taxes, the ever dependable blog walkers!

Oh look In my absence I managed to attract a troll!?
Needless to say I have yet had the chance to visit the linked sight, nor have I any intention, when it comes to things about the Illuminati, Dan Brown is more than sufficient for me.

Well the number of views last month wasn't to low...though everything seems small to that spike of 11,500 views back in June. All the other months don't like June anymore, Tall Poppy Syndrome. BTW, that drop at the end is Feb.
I think I missed Paco the most...mainly because he makes me think of sombreros, probably because paco reminds me of tacos which remindes me of mexico, which reminds me of sombreros. Is that racist?. Probably. LOL