Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello All! (Hugs anyone?)
Did ya miss me?! Well I was only gone for a month, but in the blog world that's like a year. Man I have to do some intense reading to catch up, starting with Mares, oh how I missed thou (or should that be 'thee').

Anyway, no detailed explanations as to my absence sorry, other than too busy, too busy even to play sims, or even think about it. 

Hey look, like death and taxes, the ever dependable blog walkers!

Oh look In my absence I managed to attract a troll!?
Needless to say I have yet had the chance to visit the linked sight, nor have I any intention, when it comes to things about the Illuminati, Dan Brown is more than sufficient for me.

Well the number of views last month wasn't to low...though everything seems small to that spike of 11,500 views back in June. All the other months don't like June anymore, Tall Poppy Syndrome. BTW, that drop at the end is Feb.
I think I missed Paco the most...mainly because he makes me think of sombreros, probably because paco reminds me of tacos which remindes me of mexico, which reminds me of sombreros. Is that racist?. Probably. LOL


  1. I missed you too SR! I am glad that I remind you of sombreros and tacos! XD Any who, welcome back :P

  2. Hello again! :) Wow, 11,500 views? That's huge! :) I got that when I suddenly got 1,000 for no reason. Now all my other view counts seem depressingly unimpressive :I
    Said troll has visited me too. Yay -_-
    But yeah...welcome back ^_^