Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RL and Other Not So Interesting Things

So my PS3 got YLOD, to all who don't know what that means, it means its basically dead, or it will have to go for an expensive repair. Not that I had much time to play it anyway. I think I'm on the brink of falling out of the edge of the Simmerverse, haven't played Sims in a while and haven't bought any of the new games since pets. RL has been busy in a good way, time is just flying by so fast, we are already more than half way through 2012.

Anyway I have nothing much of interest to say so I shall be leaving, until my next useless post. =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Awesome, Let Us Accept This Fact and Move On.

This is just my little self centered celebratory post in which I congratulate myself for reaching 75,000 probably the last post of this kind until I reach 100,000 and if current viewing trends continue That landmark could be reached anywhere between the optimistic November this year or the more likely March of next.
Also I have over 175,000 views on the ol' YouTube and over 200 subscribers.

If you need anymore proof how awesome I am consult the steps below

Step 1. Accept the fact that I have a blog, Blogs are awesome, therefore I am awesome.
Step 2. Accept the fact that I make regular use of the word 'indeed' as a reply to something I agree with, Therefore I am awesome.

You:"You are Awesome"   
Me:"Indeed I am"

Step 3. Accept the fact that I don't use public toilets, therefore I am Awesome
Step 4. If you still don't think I am awesome you need to accept the fact that you are wrong and should consult steps 1-3.

In the words of my dear imaginary friend Sir Arthur McArthur
"I am Me, therefore I am Awesome"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Princess Gown

Princess Gown 

This gown comes in two parts a top and bottom, so don't go looking for it under outfits.