Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Awesome, Let Us Accept This Fact and Move On.

This is just my little self centered celebratory post in which I congratulate myself for reaching 75,000 probably the last post of this kind until I reach 100,000 and if current viewing trends continue That landmark could be reached anywhere between the optimistic November this year or the more likely March of next.
Also I have over 175,000 views on the ol' YouTube and over 200 subscribers.

If you need anymore proof how awesome I am consult the steps below

Step 1. Accept the fact that I have a blog, Blogs are awesome, therefore I am awesome.
Step 2. Accept the fact that I make regular use of the word 'indeed' as a reply to something I agree with, Therefore I am awesome.

You:"You are Awesome"   
Me:"Indeed I am"

Step 3. Accept the fact that I don't use public toilets, therefore I am Awesome
Step 4. If you still don't think I am awesome you need to accept the fact that you are wrong and should consult steps 1-3.

In the words of my dear imaginary friend Sir Arthur McArthur
"I am Me, therefore I am Awesome"