Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Latest Mare Post

First off it put a smile on my face in that I found it funny, and before those of the same viewpoint of the message senders get in a huff saying 'how could it be funny they were being mean' etc, They (The Mare) were being more polite about it than can be said for two of the message senders, 

But anywhoozle I'm not here to get involved with all of that, rather I just had an interesting though
If you did want to send mares a rather long message (so long it would not fit into one gift message) and you had the foresight to know that using bad language would get you in trouble one ts3, however still wanted to use it, then I suggest you set up a private site or a private blog post or even a youtube video, any form of displaying info the internet privately, and then send the mare one gift worth 400 simpoints (the approx value of gifts bought for mare in their latest post) and then link them or give them a password or whatever it may be that will allow them to view it. Thought the nicer the gift the more inclined they may be to read it. 

Then the mare would get one nice gift (though I obviously don't know for sure that they would prefer it)  
You could say as much or as little as you wanted and use whatever language you deemed appropriate, of course there is no guarantee they will read it, but then there never is.

I'm not trying to help the anti-mare people out there, It applies to anyone.  

In the end I suppose it is just my thoughts on the matter, which is what my blog is for, although its not as the title suggests, in that my thoughts which I blog are not often deep.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOOT! 10,000 Hits

For me thats a lot, to others its small, however I'm happy, and would like to thank the following sites:

Thats where most of my traffic came from other than the forum. And thanks to all the other sites that refer people here. One factor in my blog hits is a blog list, I have one *points over there* people are referred here from other peoples blog lists, and my blog list sends other people places. So I encourage you to make use of mine, and check out the blogs on the list, and If you want I would be more than willing to add your blog to my list.



Friday, January 14, 2011

Broken Mansion Set III

The Broken Mansion Set III

The third broken mansion set contains 20 objects

-17 indoor objects-
-3 Outdoor Objects-
Better Views of Objects


Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts CC - Kingdom key

-Kingdom Key-


This is in response to the underwhelming amount of Kingdom Hearts cc for sims3, there is plenty for sims 2 but this is the first keyblade I know of, for sims 3, The lack of KH cc is what motivated me to make cc in the first place and now I've actually made some KH stuff.
I must add, I didn't create the original model iIconverted it and changed it up from cc for another game, well I think thats what it was.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am a huge fan of the Thunderbird's, while it my era, back in the early 2000s when I was a child it made a bit of a revival when the started re runs in my country and selling Thunderbird merchandise, followed later by the '04 film. And now finally Gerry Anderson, creator of the t-birds, has agreed to making another series, this is epic news for Thundernerds like me.

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 SIFF Machinima Poster

2011 SIFF Machinima Poster

I am currently working on the machinima itself, its entitled Jar of Hearts, and if you hadn't already clicked this is the poster for it. The trailer should be up soon (whenever I get motivated to make it) but more importantly I hope I can get motivated to get the whole thing done by the SIFF deadline, which I think is approx. 10th-15th of March. That should be enough time (I hope)

Hello Again

After a small absence, I have returned, and naturally I go to mares to see what happened while I was away, no surprises, the EA forum is still heading into the great abyss of fail. I also don't care much at all about Grant leaving anymore, so I changed my blog colors again, and I don't have much else to I'm going to stop typing now.