Friday, May 27, 2011

EA's Comeuppance

EA's Comeuppance

So their neglect of the care of the website has finally come around to bite them in the ..reputation. 
Obviously we expected something to happen but fox I imagine this is the point at which the Gurus have to stop denying it, They deceived themselves into thinking customer unhappiness and complaints didn't indicate a problem, but when you make the news, just under Muammar Gaddafi too, then there is really a serious problem.
When replying to Fox news EA can hardly send this:

For those who don't know what I mean, The recent Mare post will update you.

20,000 Hits

20,000 Hits
According to blog stats I recently surpassed 20,000 pageviews
It is actually 21,000 now, shows how much I pay attention.
But YAY all the same.
Though my overall views have been declining lately, due to my lack of posting. 
But I started this blog intending not to be another '1 weeker' then give up. 
Having reached the world of semi-success in sims blogs, I don't want to just stop,
So I'm making a definite effort to post more again. =)
I do need to get a new hot counter though.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crash Bandicoot

*nostalgia* Crash Bandicoot was awesome, oh how I miss PSOne

*end of nostalgic post*

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Forum Seems Less "Welcoming" of Late

Hello And Welcome To This Post.

Despite lurking through many "Hi I'm New" threads, I have yet to see the ever welcoming, but repetitive, Couriervaughan. If ever one needed to read a flow of short sentences they need look no further than his list of posts. However Iv'e not seen him around much, actually at all, perhaps its due to my general absence but I still think it odd that I haven't seen him at all.  Well that is all I have t say on the matter.

Goodbye And Thank You For Reading.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh look its May?! and other things worthy of note

I'm still not use to writing 2010 on stuff, and already we are in May of 2011, I haven't had time to fix up the page counter thingy, but current page views are at 19,850, so getting close to 20k but I'll make  a post for that when I hit that number.

 Also a while ago my total machinima views passed 20,000. 

Plus I now have got more than 50 followers. 

Sadly I missed my 100th blogger post, I would have made it something special but oh well, This is my 102nd post.

After that 'Fun With Math' we move steadily forward to something of superior interest

A little game of "spot the odd one out"
or whatever other name you wish to call it

The aim of the game: is made entirely obvious by the title

 They are all easy, the 4th being slightly less easy. The idea is the first 3 will reduce your intelligence so much due to their ease that you wont get the 4th one.