Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Forum Seems Less "Welcoming" of Late

Hello And Welcome To This Post.

Despite lurking through many "Hi I'm New" threads, I have yet to see the ever welcoming, but repetitive, Couriervaughan. If ever one needed to read a flow of short sentences they need look no further than his list of posts. However Iv'e not seen him around much, actually at all, perhaps its due to my general absence but I still think it odd that I haven't seen him at all.  Well that is all I have t say on the matter.

Goodbye And Thank You For Reading.


  1. I was wondering what happened to him as well. I liked the fact that he was welcoming, but many times it seemed more like spam. Some people weren't looking to be welcomed and he would completely disregard their question just to say "welcome" instead.

  2. Hello and welcome to this blog!

    The cut and paste got a bit tiresome after a while. At least it wasn't negative but it would've been more welcoming to help people if they were looking for it. I think he disappeared once everyone made it into a joke.

  3. yeah i think it was right after the mares nest showed exactly how many times in one week he said 'hi welcome to the forum'
    that was the last time i remember seeing him post.