Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh look its May?! and other things worthy of note

I'm still not use to writing 2010 on stuff, and already we are in May of 2011, I haven't had time to fix up the page counter thingy, but current page views are at 19,850, so getting close to 20k but I'll make  a post for that when I hit that number.

 Also a while ago my total machinima views passed 20,000. 

Plus I now have got more than 50 followers. 

Sadly I missed my 100th blogger post, I would have made it something special but oh well, This is my 102nd post.

After that 'Fun With Math' we move steadily forward to something of superior interest

A little game of "spot the odd one out"
or whatever other name you wish to call it

The aim of the game: is made entirely obvious by the title

 They are all easy, the 4th being slightly less easy. The idea is the first 3 will reduce your intelligence so much due to their ease that you wont get the 4th one.

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