Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WooHoo Moment!


So the NZ Tax has had a campaign lately for getting Tax refunds referring to them as 'WooHoo moments', and when I first saw that ad, with the slogan "Do you have a woohoo waiting?" it was hilarious, of course I was the only one in the room who thought it to be funny as I was the only simmer. 

Taken from the Tax refunds website
Poor 7% of single sims at the end. LOL

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Working On New Machinima For SIFF

I am currently working on a new machinima for SIFF and provided I get all the filming part done on time I will be able to make voice overs with actual English instead of subtitling simlish. EXCITED! However that may not happen but it is the goal. I've made all the characters and built the sets, And I am about to start filming. =)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So The Mars Rover.

So there is 1 ton of science and equipment sitting on mars that promises to tell us interesting stuff about mars, and all at the low low cost of 1 billion dollars. Then in a press announcement some man declares how awesome America is as the leader in space exploration. Now as much as I love space and find it fascinating it is ethically wrong that we as humanity spend money on luxuries like the mars rover while children die hunger. Now I am all for space exploration, and I have nothing against America btw but Humankind needs to prioritize. Why do we as humans have this awful ability to blind ourselves to the truth (even I am guilty of this). Sorry for this post just seems there is no justice these days. Just saw on local news a pedophile considered  likely to re-offend is being released and thankfully will be under 24 hour surveillance, but the people who will pay for his continued upkeep? The tax payer, meanwhile children go to school without food because they can't afford food, and the government doesn't want to help. 

And meanwhile we all continue, myself included, in our bubble like world of apathy and ignorance, and this will ultimately be our downfall.

Feel free to disagree with me, I truly wish I were wrong, but I fear that I am right.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Seasons! (I know its old news)

I have been pretty much out of the loop so then I find out SEASONS! Finally an excuse to get back into the game, I don' think I have played sims in a while and I haven't bought any expansions or stuff packs since pets.  So from November maybe I will be more active, but I make no promises. In my absence the Sims World seems to have intensified in interest somewhat, anyway I am off to finish doing my blog rounds (checking all those simmy blogs to make sure you are all still alive).