Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sims 3 Generations (Fake Cover)

A Fake Cover I Made For "The Sims 3: Generations" (The 4th Expansion)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Christchurch Quake
The Christchurch Cathedral, Construction Begun in 1864, now it is beyond repair. Many Buildings in the CBD destroyed, and the 26 story Grand Chancellor Hotel is on the brink of collapse. Christchurch is the Third largest City in NZ by Population. New Zealand is currently in a National State of Emergency. Some people are waiting in a line for up to 3 hours in order to get clean drinking water. 

More Importantly, Many Lives lost and many more missing.

Death Toll: 75
People Registered as Missing: 300

New Zealand, being such a small country, means that most everyone has friends or family in Christchurch. 

Personal Bit:
 My family in Christchurch, thankfully, are all ok. 

A Horrible Truth.
New Zealand is considered a very generous country, but like last time the goodwill of many is taken advantage of, with people setting up scams, claiming to appeal for donations in the Name of Disaster relief but in reality for personal gain.

Monday, February 21, 2011

6.3 Quake hits New Zealand

As yet there are no reports of death, but destruction is extensive. The quake hit Christchurch, the city which was hit by a huge earthquake back in September.

The landmark Cathedral Square

The Cathedral suffered huge damage, some of it has collapsed and it appears that small aftershocks cause it to continue collapsing. There are some reports of people being inside the cathedral.  The Quake occurred in the early afternoon when central city was packed. Being breaking news there is still a lot of confusion. People are being urged not to drink the water supply. Phone lines are down. 

Edit: Multiple fatalities have been confirmed
Also its confirmed that people have been trapped in buildings.

New Background For The Blog

Do you like it? Yes? No? should I change it back? Leave it as it is now or change it to something else?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mares Nest. Doing a little digging.

Well as my TMN addiction goes unsatisfied I did a little digging
There has been activity on the mares nest within the last 24 hours. Though of course we cant view it, and trying  to view the cached option is fruitless. It all relates again to the blog being private.

I have been able to view other cached pages, though all are outside the 24 hour zone. 
So for those who want to read some Mares (either repeat reading, catching up etc.) 
click here: Mares Nest
It will take you to a google search. 
It lists mares posts in a chronological order
Instead of clicking the actual result,which will take you to the private blog sign in, click 'cached' which will display the page as it was on a certain date prior to it being made private

Its all very mysterious.

And I'm the kind of person who lies to know whats going on... this situation, is not working.

I have to much time on my hands...I have to do something while I'm
avoiding schoolwork >_>


Now I'm thinking something serious is going on. Be it personal crisis or a sinister nature like hacking, I hope that everything turns out well in the end.

The Mares Nest. Time to actually worry?

What is this and why do I blog about it. Well Mares nest holds a proud title for blogging everyday without let up for [insert long amount of time here].
It has now been 2 days since TMN has made a post. When you blog so consistently I imagine you doing just give up that record for no reason, paired with the fact that the entire blog is private leads one to wonder what is going on. 
Whatever it is I hope we get news soon, I need my daily fix of mare. 

I mean Imagine if it stayed this way.

I do also wonder the nature of what is going on, for example if they had been shut down or hacked etc, they would have surely retaliated in some way. 
But then if it private by choice, which I'm pretty sure it is,  what could be so important its worth losing such good consistency

Anywhoozle I'm sure it will all sort it self out soon enough...I hope.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mares Nest Private?

The Mares Nest is Private
[insert audience gasp]
I'm sure its only temporary but O: all the same.
*starts conspiracy as to what might be happening in this private blog*

I'm sure my invitation was lost in the mail
jk XD

Friday, February 18, 2011

TIme to Share

I'm so charitable I have decided to share some screenshots with you >_> lol

Anywhoozle Here they are

SIFF Posters

Annoying Cbox people

I hate annoying Cbox randoms, who post a generic comment like "good blog" "i like what you are writing about". All with names that are linked to different sites, ranging from some kind of soccer club to middle eastern clothing for sale and the most annoying part is they will never know how annoyed I am at them because they are unlikely ever to return. 

I want to keep a cbox because it can be useful, especially if you cant be bothered signing in but want to say something

Anywhoozle to finish off with something completely random I tried to make it look like 2 sims were dancing but the insisted on keeping their eyes I killed them *evil laugh*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Day On Earth

I don't make a habit of sharing songs, but this song is the exception. Listen and you will know why.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tiaras By SR

In this small set there are 4 tiaras, all are the same mesh, but i have them at 4 different angles and heights, so odds are no matter what hairstyle you want to use one of the tiaras will fit.
They are styled after some Tiaras I saw in a picture of the Romanovs (not that anyone

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Keyblades Oblivion and Oathkeeper

Oathkeeper and Oblivion

The mesh was not made by me but by a creator for a different game, I converted the mesh and changed the textures so it would appear properly in sims

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Duvallian Mystery Part 1

Duvallian Estate - 23:30
The guests had all left,  The reception party went off without a hitch. I spoke with my brother, Alex, and his new wife, Alicia, wishing them well, as they planned to soon leave for their honeymoon.
Kim excused herself as she headed inside to do some final preparation for her trip.
I congratulated Alex on finding such a fine woman, None of us knew, but that night plans were already in motion, they would soon bring our world crashing down.
Alicia headed upstairs towards her room, unaware of the danger she was in.
On the bedside table she would have read the following note left for her

"Alicia, My Love, A surprise
 awaits you in the library


No doubt, full of excitement she headed to the library, but the surprise was not a pleasant one
As all this unfolded we waited so unaware.
Driven by curiosity rather than worry, I decided to go and check on Alicia.
I knocked on her door, but there was no response, and upon entering I found no one. Though a note sitting on the bedside table caught my eye. Upon reading the note, I thought how sweet of my brother to make a surprise for his new wife, concluding she was in the library enjoying her surprise I returned to the yard.
I told Alex, that Alicia was probably in the library.
He inquired in a somewhat puzzled way as to why she would be there.
I said that it must have been obvious, the note he left her directed her to go there.
There was an uneasy atmosphere when Alex informed me, that he never left her a note.
My parents immediately realized something was not as it should be.
They asked the generic yet genuine question "Whats Wrong?!"
I explained the situation, realizing the possibility of foul play My father immediately called the police.
My mother also called Alicia's three siblings, who had only hours ago been at the reception party.
A short while later, Blake, Christina and Annabelle, Alicia's siblings, arrived,  One of whom was her twin sister.
I invited them inside, they were clearly worried, and still had no idea what had happened, all they were told was to come to the house as soon as possible.
I saw they were anxious to know what was going on, I broke the bad news, They reacted as if their worst fears had been realized, almost as if they were expecting something bad to happen, thought at the time I thought nothing of it, It later turned out to be an important clue.
We all waited in the sitting room as the policeman took our statements, Everyone in the room, trying to comprehend what had happened.
I could tell my brother was distraught, I can only imagine the emotions he must have felt, his bride disappears only hours after they wed. But it was only the beginning of the roller-coaster ride. 

And so began The Duvallian Mystery

To be Continued...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 New CC Stuffs

Wrought Iron Bed Set
-Bed, Bed Ends and Coffee Table-

Note: The parts have been separated as shown in the last picture, the bed ends appear in the flowers section, as thats where the original was cloned from.

Iron Heart Fence
-Fence and Matching Gate With Heart Shape-

2 Larger 3 Panel Paintings

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WHAT THE HELVETICA (forum is broke)

From what I can tell recent "maintenance has caused the forum to become somewhat of a panic zone.

I dont know how long it will last, but as of right now, you cant post youtube videos, they end up all funny, same goes with quotes. 


But then Ive noticed other times quotes appear fine

On top of that some people usernames have changed, there seems to be no method to this madness. Its all very random. Its weird that some names have even changed to names they have for accounts elsewhere

The forums go from bad to worse, and following the review of OLS that mares nest showed, aswell as the Update that fixed problems which I have not heard of (ea probably made them up) EA has been failing on the sim side of things more than usual of late. 

When Grant left he took all the good that may have been left for the sims 

(okay maybe that last part isn't true)

But wow this fails.


This sim guru has mad one post in 3 months she has been on the forum, proof that gurus cannot be bothered for one thing.

And I don't know that i want them trying to solve it, they may just make it worse.

And now is down (at least for me)



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