Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mares Nest. Doing a little digging.

Well as my TMN addiction goes unsatisfied I did a little digging
There has been activity on the mares nest within the last 24 hours. Though of course we cant view it, and trying  to view the cached option is fruitless. It all relates again to the blog being private.

I have been able to view other cached pages, though all are outside the 24 hour zone. 
So for those who want to read some Mares (either repeat reading, catching up etc.) 
click here: Mares Nest
It will take you to a google search. 
It lists mares posts in a chronological order
Instead of clicking the actual result,which will take you to the private blog sign in, click 'cached' which will display the page as it was on a certain date prior to it being made private

Its all very mysterious.

And I'm the kind of person who lies to know whats going on... this situation, is not working.

I have to much time on my hands...I have to do something while I'm
avoiding schoolwork >_>


Now I'm thinking something serious is going on. Be it personal crisis or a sinister nature like hacking, I hope that everything turns out well in the end.


  1. I think it's best to wait it out and not snoop. We do owe them that, but I totally understand. I would like to know too. >_<

  2. True. I just hope they do come back. I just need my mare fix, so ive resorted to rereading old mare posts

  3. Someone did tell em about mare being on some watchlist for cyber bullying, I think mares mentioned it once in relation to Jamesmc. I just hope its nothing to do with that, see if mares were to, for whatever reason, make their blog private, i would have thought thy would have said something in advance. Its evidently very clear i have to much time on my hands

  4. I don't think that's it, but who knows. They could ran into trouble with their blog or something is happening in their personal lives. Whatever it is, I hope everything is ok. Don't worry, I have too much time on my hands too. I've been trying figure why myself, but best not to jump to conclusion even though that's pretty much human nature.

  5. Ive figured it out. There doing this on purpose to confuse everyone. XD

  6. ^LOL
    Speaking of too much time my hands, I keep clicking their link hoping it's back. Withdrawals....-_-

  7. Register the mares nest!? NO! I DO NOT! We already have a blog named that dont we?

    I am a little concerned, maybe it's personal issues, but whatever it is, I hope and pray that they're ok. :(

  8. Nope...
    I'm confused too. It says Register - The Mare's Nest, but it takes you to a account creation page. Hm... Anyone here got Wordpress? I'd try myself, but I've got my email on WAY too many sites that I don't use anymore already xD

  9. If you try and register it will say that the web name is already in use or something