Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mares Nest. Time to actually worry?

What is this and why do I blog about it. Well Mares nest holds a proud title for blogging everyday without let up for [insert long amount of time here].
It has now been 2 days since TMN has made a post. When you blog so consistently I imagine you doing just give up that record for no reason, paired with the fact that the entire blog is private leads one to wonder what is going on. 
Whatever it is I hope we get news soon, I need my daily fix of mare. 

I mean Imagine if it stayed this way.

I do also wonder the nature of what is going on, for example if they had been shut down or hacked etc, they would have surely retaliated in some way. 
But then if it private by choice, which I'm pretty sure it is,  what could be so important its worth losing such good consistency

Anywhoozle I'm sure it will all sort it self out soon enough...I hope.


  1. Aha, I'm already worried. Very odd for them not to say anything at all. :(

  2. Its unusual that they make the whole blog private. And if they were to do something like that i would have expected warning, *dramatic music plays*

  3. Miss my daily dose, one of the first pages I visit each morning