Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 New CC Stuffs

Wrought Iron Bed Set
-Bed, Bed Ends and Coffee Table-

Note: The parts have been separated as shown in the last picture, the bed ends appear in the flowers section, as thats where the original was cloned from.

Iron Heart Fence
-Fence and Matching Gate With Heart Shape-

2 Larger 3 Panel Paintings


  1. Did you see my comments under your previous Paintings post? The ones with the Auroras?

    I'm asking because of the lag issue those paintings gave me, and wondered if you had checked these to make sure they wouldn't have the same effect? I'm not even sure if you can check for something like that, and I dunno if those problems would even happen for anyone else. =\

  2. *looks*

    oh noes

    well when I run the game with only these in it it runs fine, and they appear, having thought about it its possible I forgot to compress the other ones. but I'm certain I compressed these (I'm not sure if that makes a difference) I'll see if i can get someone to test them.

    Thanks for alerting me btw.

  3. Ok so if anyone d'loads the paintings can you please let me know if it gives you an extra large amount of lag or if they don't appear in game
    They appear in mine ok but there may be some problems for others

    (i cant find someone to test them)

  4. My game did indeed take an extra couple of minutes with the paintings in. They are gorgeous paintings though :(

  5. Awww....I wish I could've at least seen them in game. I bet they are really pretty, especially the aurora ones, I love auroras. :(

    If you like, SR, I will test these for you. I don't even know HOW CC even causes lag...if it's the size of the files, or if they're complicated, or anything, and then I dunno if it affects everyone's computer. Weird stuff.

    I mean, it doesn't cause any other problems, no glitching or crashing, I'm just uber picky about lag. My game was loading after 8 and a half minutes and with that long of a load, I had to find out what was causing it. It wasn't just your paintings. Oddly enough, the biggest issues were clothes from AAS, which surprised me. 0_o