Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WHAT THE HELVETICA (forum is broke)

From what I can tell recent "maintenance has caused the forum to become somewhat of a panic zone.

I dont know how long it will last, but as of right now, you cant post youtube videos, they end up all funny, same goes with quotes. 


But then Ive noticed other times quotes appear fine

On top of that some people usernames have changed, there seems to be no method to this madness. Its all very random. Its weird that some names have even changed to names they have for accounts elsewhere

The forums go from bad to worse, and following the review of OLS that mares nest showed, aswell as the Update that fixed problems which I have not heard of (ea probably made them up) EA has been failing on the sim side of things more than usual of late. 

When Grant left he took all the good that may have been left for the sims 

(okay maybe that last part isn't true)

But wow this fails.


This sim guru has mad one post in 3 months she has been on the forum, proof that gurus cannot be bothered for one thing.

And I don't know that i want them trying to solve it, they may just make it worse.

And now is down (at least for me)



Return to your stations


  1. it's down for me too. I was the one on there with the temp user name of Fatcat Stinks. My original name was TtnFn04, since you asked. :)

    Stupid forum fail.

  2. Why I never SR do not use such a sacred word in Vain. Helvetica please forgive SR.