Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Duvallian Mystery Part 1

Duvallian Estate - 23:30
The guests had all left,  The reception party went off without a hitch. I spoke with my brother, Alex, and his new wife, Alicia, wishing them well, as they planned to soon leave for their honeymoon.
Kim excused herself as she headed inside to do some final preparation for her trip.
I congratulated Alex on finding such a fine woman, None of us knew, but that night plans were already in motion, they would soon bring our world crashing down.
Alicia headed upstairs towards her room, unaware of the danger she was in.
On the bedside table she would have read the following note left for her

"Alicia, My Love, A surprise
 awaits you in the library


No doubt, full of excitement she headed to the library, but the surprise was not a pleasant one
As all this unfolded we waited so unaware.
Driven by curiosity rather than worry, I decided to go and check on Alicia.
I knocked on her door, but there was no response, and upon entering I found no one. Though a note sitting on the bedside table caught my eye. Upon reading the note, I thought how sweet of my brother to make a surprise for his new wife, concluding she was in the library enjoying her surprise I returned to the yard.
I told Alex, that Alicia was probably in the library.
He inquired in a somewhat puzzled way as to why she would be there.
I said that it must have been obvious, the note he left her directed her to go there.
There was an uneasy atmosphere when Alex informed me, that he never left her a note.
My parents immediately realized something was not as it should be.
They asked the generic yet genuine question "Whats Wrong?!"
I explained the situation, realizing the possibility of foul play My father immediately called the police.
My mother also called Alicia's three siblings, who had only hours ago been at the reception party.
A short while later, Blake, Christina and Annabelle, Alicia's siblings, arrived,  One of whom was her twin sister.
I invited them inside, they were clearly worried, and still had no idea what had happened, all they were told was to come to the house as soon as possible.
I saw they were anxious to know what was going on, I broke the bad news, They reacted as if their worst fears had been realized, almost as if they were expecting something bad to happen, thought at the time I thought nothing of it, It later turned out to be an important clue.
We all waited in the sitting room as the policeman took our statements, Everyone in the room, trying to comprehend what had happened.
I could tell my brother was distraught, I can only imagine the emotions he must have felt, his bride disappears only hours after they wed. But it was only the beginning of the roller-coaster ride. 

And so began The Duvallian Mystery

To be Continued...

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