Monday, February 21, 2011

6.3 Quake hits New Zealand

As yet there are no reports of death, but destruction is extensive. The quake hit Christchurch, the city which was hit by a huge earthquake back in September.

The landmark Cathedral Square

The Cathedral suffered huge damage, some of it has collapsed and it appears that small aftershocks cause it to continue collapsing. There are some reports of people being inside the cathedral.  The Quake occurred in the early afternoon when central city was packed. Being breaking news there is still a lot of confusion. People are being urged not to drink the water supply. Phone lines are down. 

Edit: Multiple fatalities have been confirmed
Also its confirmed that people have been trapped in buildings.


  1. SR, my prayers are with you all the way. In hopes your mother and sister are both fine. And your other loved ones.


  2. ~ My prays are with you, I also have family & friends in NZ (but not in that area,though they do work in the city!?)
    ~ I never listen to the news as it has all been so bad around me of late,here in QLD,in OZ!
    ~ I hope you & yours all survive unscathed!(sp?)
    ~ Karima/aussie karima!(",)