Friday, January 14, 2011

Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts CC - Kingdom key

-Kingdom Key-


This is in response to the underwhelming amount of Kingdom Hearts cc for sims3, there is plenty for sims 2 but this is the first keyblade I know of, for sims 3, The lack of KH cc is what motivated me to make cc in the first place and now I've actually made some KH stuff.
I must add, I didn't create the original model iIconverted it and changed it up from cc for another game, well I think thats what it was.


  1. I've been wanting a keyblade for ts3 for the longest time! You have officailly made my day! :D

    P.S. I'm so jealous you learnt how to do that! Darn you. :P

  2. Julie Alesha made the Org hairs for sims 3. :3
    Sorry, my sims are no longer available for download.

  3. It doesn't show up after I've given it to a sim and went back to the game D: I think it's broken T_T