Thursday, November 18, 2010

5000 Hits

-5000 hits!-
A mini landmark

Now that is a lot in the short space of time Ive been around, I can blame myself for 100-500 hit, coming in and out editing things reading comments etc. Also as the past post suggest the counter, counts each hit rather than each unique visitor. But each time I put in a post I noticed depending on the time I got a significant amount of hits within the next little while, so I imagine that alot of my blog traffic comes from peoples blog lists, Now I think I can definitely blame Vidkid, because alot of the people who come through here probably came through her blog first. *BIG HUG* plus there are a few other blogger peps who link people here *INAPPROPRIATELY LONG HUG*  and the other place that sends people here from time to time would be Mares *DOUBLE HUG*
 But most of all *EPIC HUG* to all the people who clicked those links, or ended up here in some kind of freak accident.

But the moral of the story: Have a look through peoples blog lists, you might end up getting a hug.

But you guys probably didnt read all that your just here to spy on me!


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