Friday, November 12, 2010

Hanging Gardens New Creation

 The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon
By SimRomanov

Ok, well first off Im certain this lot has only 3 pieces of cc which are the retaining walls, which should come with it. The lot is a huge lot, it has a large water fall, many pools a very cool water system and of course its a split leevl lot covered in plants, it looks great at day and night, it has a Babylonian style gate and plenty of walkways, It took a few hours to make and Im really proud of it. I made good use of the new fountain feature available in the most recent update or with LN

NOTE: I know there already is another hanging gardens, but my concept is far different, plus I wasnt about to give up a few hours work because someone else made one, though i commend the other creator for a great lot.

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  1. This is beautiful SR! Will definately be going in my game :B