Saturday, December 29, 2012

Archery - (non sim post)

I have decided I would like to get into Archery,
the reasons being,
I have done Archery in school and loved it. It can be relatively cheap compared with otherr hobbies I want to pursue. Plus I want to get my Katniss Everdeen on and shoot some things. Archery is also a sort of beautiful thing, there is something rather poetic about it, but maybe thats just me, also I dont know many people who do it so  it would be pretty cool to be known in my wider circle of acquaintances as "the guy who does archery".

I am going to look at bows tomorrow at the hunting store, so hopefully all goes well. 


  1. Wow what a intresting hobby you want take up. I quite like the look of archery myself, but I always secretly wanted to take up fencing. I dont't know, but the outfits and swords look awesome! :o

    Anyway, good luck with the new hobby and don't hurt yourself. Be careful. :)

    1. Fencing! That would be awesome. Swords! Though with fencing I wouldnt know where to begin, dont even know if we have a fencing club in my small town.

  2. I went into the hunting shop today, they didnt really know much about archery and recommended I go to the local archery club, but that meets at a time when I have other stuff on. The second hunting shop was closed on Sundays, and the third told me to come later in the week to be assesed for choosing the right bow. all up its porbably going to cost approx. 400$ which isnt too bad considering how awesome it would be to be an archer.