Thursday, December 30, 2010

SV CLUB - 2 degrees Below

- 2 Degrees Below -
A New Late Night Club For Sunset Valley

2 Degrees below is the now hot spot in Sunset Valley, the whole club is divided into two parts, the Fahrenheit Bar and the Celsius Lounge 

-The Fahrenheit Bar-
The bottom 2 floors form a huge open air space known as the collectively as the Fahrenheit Bar. You can soak in the Fahrenheit pool or relax poolside at the Polar Bar while listening to the band play. There is also a huge dance floor for sims to show off their moves.

-Celsius Lounge-
The More Exclusive Celsius Lounge mainly on floor 3 begins though at the Mercury Room on floor 1. Once up in the Celsius Lounge you can party the night away in the two extremes, Dance it up on the Inferno dance floor, Gossip with celebrities in the Final Degree Lounge or perhaps relax with a cool drink at the open air Sub Zero Bar, enjoy the stunning views of the ocean, watch as the sunsets or gaze up at the stars, the Sub Zero Bar really is the hottest bar in town.

-Floor Plans-
There are a total of 3 floors in the 2 Degrees Below CLub

Celsius Lounge - Floor 3
Fahrenheit Bar - Floor 1 and 2*
Restrooms - Basement

*There is nothing on floor 2 as it is really just a double high ceiling for floor 1 a bit like a mezzanine 

-Custom Content List-

There are only 3 pieces of cc in the whole lot, some of which may come with the download, but to be sure here are the links to the downloads

The only really essential one to download is the window, as it is used very often.
*The Dining chair comes in the Dining set


Download 2 Degrees Below from:

The Exchange (Click Here)  (Will add exchange link when the exchange gets its act together)

Obviously it fits on any lot large enough but it is intended to go on Recurve Strand in Sunset Valley

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  1. Stop making things that are so awesome! xD jk

    It's absolutely gorgeous SR! Great job! :D