Friday, December 31, 2010

In regards "Nousername" left and all that jazz

Ok so, this post is for those who already know what I mean, for those who don't, no need to concern yourself with this post.
So when I first read the blog posts about it it I was quite stand offish,I thought my initial post was justified and that the other user was completely wrong, but upon reflection, I considered that if more than one other mature person, whose opinion I respect has said something, surely nothing has changed and their should be some merit to it...
I think over reaction is the key word in regards my actions, I wasn't overly offended by what she initially said but   I made the decision to involve myself in a war of words, something I don't make a habit of, and I'm not really sure what motivated me, but despite any excuse I may provide, every action has a consequence, so now I will apologize for my actions, I'm not sorry for disliking the user though, in 3 different threads she did act very well I'm sure you saw, unless they got deleted. but never the less I'm still sorry, and from what I can tell its not really about her mention of god, its more about the entire thread, which was blown out of proportion, and I accept and apologize for my (large) share in that. 
And while I don't feel your blogs were targeted at me or anyone specifically, but more using this as an example of  the sad going on in the forums lately, I still feel I needed to say this.
If you are reading this, a warm handshake to you, If you forgive me, a thankful hug and a small joke about the weather.

P.S. - Having thought about it my motivation was in part due to my annoyance at some forum members and usually I try to walk away, but this time I just decided to rip into it, so the user received all my negativity I have been keeping toward trolls, clearly she didn't deserve all of that, and my actions  clearly weren't wise, At the time though I did not see the fault of my actions, Being imperfect we all have had times where we thought we were justified even if we were not, something which teenagers are often prone to. But whats done is done, I cant take it back, I can only apologize. 

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  1. Of course you can be forgiven. *hug* So how's the weather? :p

    You're young yes. But as you grow older, you will learn when and how to pick your battles. Doesn't mean you won't still be prone to charging in head first if it involves you or a loved one.

    Just chalk it up to a learning experience.

    Not everyone is going to get along on the forums. We are all too different. The key thing is to walk the other way or ignore the ones that rub you the wrong way, while still being polite.