Friday, December 10, 2010


The Indian Scam Man

So yesterday I get a call from a man whose accent was hard to understand, but he kept telling me I had malicious files, and he was very determined I should turn my computer on and go to a particular website where he would tell me the problems of my computer. I had already realized it was a scam because I'm not that stupid. I was determined to get a bit of fun from it though. He would always put words in my mouth for example he would say, "You have malicious files, right?" In that instance I replied "My files are delicious thank you". But he continued on his quest to get me to go to his support site which would "fix my computer" even though there was nothing wrong with it. He kept saying he was from Microsoft and that they revived a report about junk files being downloaded, I said i sent no reports, then he said he got it from the Microsoft satellite. Then I told him i worked for wikileaks and he didn't seem to notice. I then said I'm skeptical and asked for the name of his company, after deciphering what he said i got the name, I told him I had never heard of it (which was true). He acted surprised and said "just go to our website" by this time my mother was wondering who I was talking to. I told her it was some scam guy she took the phone and acted all "Oh No" "What should I do" "I'm so helpless" so that he felt like her where he wanted, then she said "I have to go But Can I Call You back i really need your help" so he gave her a name and number, my mother hung up and that was that. I wish he would ring again, I have so many good ideas to waste his time. 


  1. he gave her a name and number? maybe you should report him to.. something.. who do you report thins kinda thing to?

  2. Your mom is smart. lol Good way to get the name and number. :D Sounds like you had fun though. lol