Friday, October 29, 2010

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid...

-The Scarriest Horror Film Since Grease 2-

SimRomanovStudios Presents...

The Exocism of Liam o'Dourke

Coming To A Thread or Trouble Page Near You....


-It was a nightmare-

1-Why did they leave their undewear on?
2-Why wasnt my lawyer present to confirm Grants singing of the adoption papers?
3-Why was there no celebrant or Justice of the peace to bring Lea an I together in wedlock
4-Why The Fudge did I set my alarm?

I am of course kidding*..Please refer to the Disclaimer in the blog post below and make note o the small print directly below.
*SimRomanov reserves the right not to be held to the above words in either a court of law or in a post of mares. Everything said in this log is considered a joke unless stated otherwise

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