Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off Topic Forums...but not for us

This is an outrage, we english speaking people are being cast aside in favour of european countiries, our mods and gurus are second rate! if we had a union id go on strike! this is unfair treatment! what the fudge am i talking about..take a look:
an off topic section in the german forums
Off topic section in the spanish forums
a relaxation area (looks off topic) in the french forums
just one of many examples of simgurus(and mods) that have an active presence,  it appears that the mods are there quick to deal with problems...i doubt explicit pictures are on the european forums for days waiting for a lazy mod to remove them
a thread where they move locked topics so the are out of the way while they wait to be deleted

clearly SGH and the others are to frickin lazy to deal with trolls, the reason she claims we have no off topicness, one wonders if the european forums have PMing...im so pissed..if i were in 'white chicks' i would have BF right now

SGH in the (modified) words of TVs hottest christian: "I srsly want to punch you right now"

sorry if this was already well known

SGH just thought i should warn you

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