Monday, October 11, 2010

ANother WTF Kodak Moment

So this one involves free simpoints, banned accounts, a simguru and illegal site hacking.

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know the Alexurt1/Kerby situation.
It would seem, according to simguruweb, that members had taken simpoints by illegal means, Kerby apparently admitted to doing this, however Alexurt1 provided pictures of her simcards, though that doesn't mean she is guiltless. SimGuruWeb's post implied multiple accounts were involved. SO this is clearly bigger than anyone of us common folk had anticipated. But my question to you is, were they really stealing...I mean EA promises the world with each expansion..literally (WA) and thery fail each time..just saying.
and a screen shot of a free simpoint glitch possibly involved in this shemugganah of an incident.
Picture taken from Furyred's blog


  1. Well yes, it's stealing. But I don't care.

    This is not the same thing as if you found a wallet on the street with cash in it. The money in that wallet is probably stuff that that person worked hard for.

    EA... has enough money as it is. The store is just another way to make money when they already have tones from the actually game. The items in the store ARE overpriced. I wouldn't feel guilty if I found that link and used it. If they really care about someone getting free simpoints they should have not made that link anyway. The gurus probably use it for themselves.

  2. Good perspective..and a quick response to..Im still shocked and confused..and I just read mares no less than 10 seconds ago...WOW...