Monday, October 11, 2010


STOP THE VIOLENCE...ok so let em see ...I have figured it out..there are 2 Alexurt's

Alexurt1 vs. Alexurt2

People who know me know I am/was a supporter of Alexurt1....but now Im leaning upon two different opinions of her..I hope forthe best but expect the worse

Plus mares (who i follow) was wrong in relation to Alexurts facebook page, which therefore makes me wrong aswell (the dangers of my assumptions) maybe she will claim her throne once again..thank goodness i ahve a friend who knoews all..he is time..and only time will tell..,ares may still be right..if only i could access FB i would see for myself, anywho if Alexurt did steal sp's I dont care, Kudos for stealing froom EA is what I think, though if it were another company maybe not so much..and seen as its only a rare event..if people stoole from EA daily that would not be good

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  1. I, too, hope for the best. But I also hope that, in the process of reaching the best, more of these hilarious cards ensue. =)