Thursday, October 28, 2010

OMG! This cant be true...MAKE ME UNSEE IT!..MAKE IT NOT TRUE!

So You Think You Know Liam?
Think again....

Liam O'Dourke, the forum sim, placed on a pedistal of hate and horror...
Ridiculed by the community...
Hated by simmers across the globe.....

Do Not Read Past This Post Before Reading This:
What you are about to learn, will shake the very foundations of your simming belief.

It has rocked me to my simming core.

Liam O'Dourke is the creation....

Not of an Evil Mastermind
Or of an Insane Woman Who Lives Alone with 27 Cats...

Rather he is the creation of the greatest person since Bella Goth....


How is one supposed to react? I do not know, I myself am torn,Only lea Micheles can express my feelings

 Does this make Liam an example of simming genius and wit, or does it make Grant a creator of that which is evil...

Does this mean is hould convert and become a disciple of Jennifer Lane?
Perhaps it a sign from the great Plumbob upstairs?
This topic could change my signature forever....or for any period of time according to my wants.

Jennifer Lane


Grant Rodiek

This is clear evidence that mortals such as myself, should not strive to be the child of a God, such as the ones at Mount EA Olympus

Am I Making A Bigger Deal of this then I need to, Yes...Im just passing the Time Waiting for Late Night
Ive built a bridge and Im halfway across it..though Im still  considering a conversion to Jennifer Lane...

@Marie_Blue: You have to stop saying I have a guy crush on Grant people will get the wrong the fellow who sent me these...

The post to follow is far more shocking then the one that came before
 mainly because it deals with real people

The sender had a male avatar, Then I did a little research
a teen dating profile for a male using the same alias
they put sexuality as "not sure yet"

I have nothing against confused people...however I dont like any unwanted attention (from anyone) makes me uncomfortable..unless its a joke...Humor is my comfort zone


  If anything above particularly the last part offended anyone that was not my intention. Please accept my advancced apology If I have offended or upset you in anyway...sometimes I do it without realizing.


  1. Oh mares how think I would let them keeps their underwear on...rofl...You forgot to mention Lea Michele was in the Brittney Spears outfit to start...and Grant finished by hiring me at EA sims studio...