Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rugby World Cup

The streets have been full of Rugby fans, Flags line the shop windows, the opening ceremony was epic, the fireworks were spectacular, but the show put on at Eden park looked amazing. Honestly though, It was more of a tourist campaign if you ask me.

I have seen a vast collection of fans, so far I have seen mostly Irish and American fans, but also a large portion of  Australian and, of course, kiwi fans.

The only thing funnier then the Prime Minister's incorrect pronunciation of the word "trophy", which he pronounced 'trotie' was the hailing of NZ as great hosts, this paired with NZ being declared as one of the most generous nations in recent news, was completely contradicted by the fact that a motel room, costing usually about $100 a night will currently cost you about $600 a night.

I can understand being a clever businessperson, but there must be a line between cashing in and crime.

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