Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sims 3 Create a Pet Demo

First I had to download Origin, then it kept sending me in circles trying to start the download. Then the download stagnates at 7.08% but it turns out it was a godsend because there have been no end of reports on the Demo deleting files, removing save games, even backups somehow failing. However EA has I suppose got what they wanted, because now everyone will be talking  about the pets demo, just not in the way they would have wanted. 


  1. Oh wow! I'm glad I didn't download it. I was tempted.

  2. This may help but I suspect the demo is beyond help. Smooth move EA!

  3. Thanks, but I've decided to wait for the actual game, more excitement that way, plus I can't download even If I wanted to because it stalls.