Friday, September 23, 2011

EA's Response To The "Enthusiasm" Surrounding The Pets Demo

Breakdown of EA's Response

"We appreciate your enthusiasm"
In my country we call it criticism.

"a few of you" and "some of your store content"
Hmm, I'd say a large majority and as I hear it, all the content (and save files) go missing.

"we have been working diligently"
And I am a purple flying elephant.

"appearing uninstalled"
Funny, again as I hear it, the content actually is uninstalled, are you implying it's some kind of illusion?

"follow these steps each time"
Well that sounds fun, the demo is a bit of a "Da Vinci Code" with all these steps isn't it?

"If YOU have deleted your downloads"
I put the 'YOU' in capitals to emphasize the fact that they are blaming the user, I understand that step applies if the user did actually delete their content, but in this case it was EA's fault that the content was uninstalled, so the user may have deleted them, but it has been said in such a way that makes it sound like it was their fault, that they shouldn't have deleted them
 (Which ,once installed, it was perfectly fine to do) .

"free of charge"
I suppose it makes sense to clarify that, but it sounds almost like they make it seem as if it a favor on their part that you can download what you already paid for.

"apologies for any inconvenience"
I detect 'Couriervaughan' levels of sincerity

", so please, keep it coming"
If you really appreciated it you wouldn't lock the thread where we can tell you direct to your avatar our "feedback" but seen as you said please I decided to blog it instead.



  1. I also had problems with the Demo. My downloads have been excluded! EA Fail!

  2. So glad I did not download that demo...

    EA, you could at least have given a better response than THAT. -_- Next time, (there probably will be) screen it before you pass it on to the masses of customers!