Friday, September 5, 2014

Sims 4 Piracy Mosaic! (And its already fixed!)

So I was reading over at PC Gamer about this built in anti-piracy suprise in which the game screen becomes a complete pixilated mosaic (simillar to the nudity mosaic but applied to the whole screen) making the game unplayable. This was made so as to ruin the game for pirated copies.

Apparently people complained about the 'bug' on the forum exposing that they had an illegal copy. No doubt many laughs were had, and tears too.

But not to be done out of a deal the pirates have already solved this with a patch of their own.
All that hard work on EA's part to get a stab at pirates and its undone in one day. It makes me sad that EA actually spent time doing that and yet the game is missing so many previous features.

Lesson for EA: Your game will get pirated. Any attempt to punish pirates will probably be unsuccessful. So instead of spending time punishing pirates, spend your time rewarding fans, eh?

I can't find the quote but one blog noted that those who got the sour deal here are really those who paid for the game. Preach.

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