Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rose's Titanic Dress (Sims 4 CC)

Rose's Titanic Dress 
-Sims 4 CC-

This elegant dress is taken from the epic film Titanic. This iconic dress was worn by the leading lady Rose during her famous suicide attempt on the stern of Titanic. 
This is non default replacement and is accessible as a swatch of the Maxi dress.
I hope you like it! Hoping to do more in the future from the film.


  1. Broken link cannot download

  2. The link above (http://www.4shared.com/archive/LWRyaDZeba/RoseTitanicDress1_BySR.html) works ..! Try again.

  3. You need to have make account to 4shared or log in if you allready have a account there. But I think that is not good thing at all and creator should think something bit easier place to share her/his downloads than this. Simsfileshare would be better place and there is another good thin, you can push the like button when you download trough simsfileshare.
    And one more thing, please please do not use that damn adf.ly, I hate it and it just make downloading so slow and because of those damn ads.