Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Alexander Palace Sims 4

- The Alexander Palace -
Available on the gallery under "The Alexander Palace" 
Creator name: "SimRomanoff"

These first pictures are actual images of the real Alexander Palace in the town formerly known as 
Tsarskoye Selo (Tzar's VIllage). The palace was built in 1876 and was the favorite Imperial residence of Tzar Nicholas II. 

Now for the Sims 4 version of 
- The Alexander Palace -

The palace is naturally scaled down to fit in game and has been made single story in order to maintain proportion. The design while altering the layout for practical reasons retains the Corps de logis/Cour d'honneur architecture. The colonnade, perhaps the palace's most iconic feature, has also been recreated. 

The lot contains four bedrooms and single bathroom, which is relatively small however this was done in order to allow room for the ballroom as well as the generous sizing of most rooms in order to avoid pokey little rooms. Ballroom? Why yes I did say ballroom! This house has two grand pianos as well! Excessive? Why yes it is. This lot is exactly what you need if you are seeking to ignite discontent among the subjects of your empire, it says "I have more money than you" in the most elegant way possible. The palace has been furnished in a neoclassical style which is entirely suited to the structure. anyway I waffle on so check it out below and don't forget, you can download it on the gallery: "The Alexander Palace" by "SimRomanoff"

Warning: Put up a boundary fence in case of Bolsheviks [It's a joke]. 

- Exterior -
This picture below is my favorite!

- Reception Room -

- One of the bedrooms each one individually decorated- 

- Kitchen- 

- Dining Room -

- Bathroom -


- Sitting Room -

- Ballroom -

- Passageway -

- Study-

- Layout -