Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Height Doors and Arch

Double Height Door and Arch
-2 Story Door Sims 3-
(Requires Pets)
This is made using the 'barn door' from Pets, so in build mode, it appears to be a barn door, but is actually as it is in the pictures below.
When EA made the double high barn door I don't know why they didn't make some normal double high doors, so I decided to. The download includes 1 'Double High Door' and 1 'Double High Arch'


  1. Are the base game compatible, despite being based on Pets doors? Cuz this is AWESOME! O.O

  2. Can you do this again in double doors?

  3. I asked you "Can you do this again in double doors?"

    When I did, I expected you to do this style of door again with the 2 story barn double door!

  4. Oh, uh, one more thing, the moldings at the bottom of the door & the arch both have a close resemblance to those of moldings from a door on "Mod The Sims" that requires "The Sims 3: Ambitions"!

  5. Can you do this door and this arch again (with the same moldings, of course) as single story doors and single story arches?

  6. When I downloaded these things for the first time, I used the door in this thread as the front door of a HUGE Victorian-style mansion, can the door in this show thread be used that way?

    Also, what is your email address?

    Reason = I want to send you an email describing the mansion, or, at least, send you either a video tour of the mansion, or some pictures of the mansion, just to show you that I'm using the door from this thread in a good way in the game!

  7. I absolutely love this door! But when I put the doors in my house it left a big gap on top. Do you have any idea how I can fix it?