Thursday, August 29, 2013

Simmers In Defence of CAST


Create-A-STyle: As shown in the trailer above CAST offers a diverse level of customisation. 
In EA's apparent haste and supposed 'desire' to make a "basic game that is perfect and "stable" the developers of Sims4 have elected at this point not to include CAST.
I urge all simmers who want this powerful tool available in the next incarnation of Sims speak up on the forums. 
I don't want to sound sensationalist, I do this with a touch of humour.
I just feel that CAST is a tool we need to see in TheSims4

I even made a signature!

By the way I got 150,000 hits.
It was a little over 50,000 hits ago that I took off.
I will be returning with The Sims 4. But not quite yet, I am on the new sims 4 forum and will be active again on this blog in the months after Sims 4 is released. 

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